Diabetic Supplies

By krystpynen11 Latest Reply 2012-12-12 21:49:09 -0600
Started 2012-11-18 00:26:19 -0600

Does anyone know if you can get discounts on Pump Supplies, Insulin,or Needle/Syringes?

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Bfbacon 2012-12-12 21:49:09 -0600 Report

I get most Rx mailorder for the best deal. I also re-use syringes and pen needles at least 10 times before discarding. Never had a bad infection. YMMV.

forsakes alive
forsakes alive 2012-11-22 21:21:49 -0600 Report

give the american diabetes association a call ,they should be able to give you information about companies in the area you live… I get help from 1 called welvista through a local clinic.

IronOre 2012-11-18 23:55:22 -0600 Report

I don't want to sound rude, but just try doing a search in here. This topic has been brought up several times before, and there's good info in the previous discussions.

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