Wednesday thoughts

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Wednesday thoughts:
What goes around comes sound. What goes up must come down. Things you do come back to you. Those words were taken from one of my favorite songs. Whenever that part comes on I sing along with the artist just to engrave in my head that those words apply to my everyday life. Too often we spend our precious time trying to pay someone back for the hurt or harm he/she caused us only to inflict unnecessary pain on ourselves. You can sleep well at night knowing that when someone hurts or try to harm you there is no need to seek revenge because that person will one day have to deal with double the pain they caused or attempted to cause you. It always happens! There are people who have felt like they owned the world only to lose everything. I don't wish this upon anyone but it happens when you allow your blessings to become your curse. The way you treat people determines how you will be treated one day. There are people who will hate on you for no reason at all and spend an enormous amount of time trying to bring you down. The very person/people who harmed or tried to harm you will one day have to become your biggest cheerleader. Have a nice day

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-11-17 20:38:49 -0600 Report

Luke, I actually don't have time for revenge. Karma is my best friend. I let Karma take over and many times I have seen what Karma has done to people. I am currently waiting for Karma to take action on someone. When it happens the cannon will be loaded with DY-NO-MITE. People do not realize that when you are mean and spiteful, the one who gets hurt the worse is the person who is mean and spiteful.