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Like with any problems; whether it be personal or physical; we need to communicate, not only with the people we are caring for to get the proper information to help them, and help them understand how to care for themselves; also to communicate on a site like this to access important information key to their (our) own illness. If you can not communicate amongst each other, and offer that info to people who need help, then you are not helping yourself and others'. You have to be open and honest in order to except this disease, and you have to be ready to fight it, whether by yourself, or with help of a caretaker. If it can not be excepted, than the communication is nil.

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I totally agree. Lady is so right with her reply. I find myself snappier than EVER, I'm normally the most easy going person you would ever meet. My parents taught me to think before you speak because you cannot not take back hurting someone's feelings. They may forgive you but they never forget. I am really putting that rule into use now for the first time in 43 years! Take care, Angie

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-05 08:02:32 -0600 Report

There would be a lot fewer divorces and dysfunction in families if good communication (some communication) had been utilized. Very sad. Being able to give and take criticism and advice is paramount, but there's a way to do it. Some people communicate, okay, but do it horribly. If we would all think before we speak, there would be a lot less MIScommunication. Probably something most of us could work on in 2009.

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Are you posting this for a reason. Did something happen or you just saying to be honest about your disease or diseases. I do not think anyone would benefit from lying about this disease. What would be the purpose or reason.

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Exactly, I think People do need to communicate with others' they are often with so that they can help them in emergencies, support, etc.

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Please remember we are here to learn and add advice, and everyone has a chance to communicate their thoughts and feelings here, welcome to all newcomers; Claudia

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