Do Kittens have special instincts?? !!!

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I know this may sound unusual at a time like this and this is a true story.

We came home from church on a Friday night late about a month ago now,

When there was a box left on my front porch, when I looked inside with wondering. The box had a black/white kitty who meowed me right away. I picked it up and no one was in sight so I brought it into the house and held it close to me because it was shivering. Now I had never before taken care of a kitten! I tried to put the kitty outside in the warm box but it kept jumping out! Well I realized it was just to cold so I smashed up some food in water to make it soft.

My family objected at first but now "Spunky." Oh I named kitty Spunky because that is the personality that is developing. He walks around my neck, smells my breath, touches me with its paw, and it even talks( sounds crazy huh) well it vocals are more than when hungry. Very clean when eating and bathroom use and finicky too. Well I went on the Internet to be quickly educated on Kitty care. Spunky was abandoned and abused before it was left at my front door and now the neighborhood kids are telling me what happened and want to take Spunky from us. Now the neighbors talk about how healthy and playful Spunky is.

Well I am asking about the fact if kitties have special instincts because one night I was in quiet tears when all of sudden Spunky woke up looking at me then he got up and come to my face and put his paw on my face and rubbed his head against my cheek. I had to rub Spunky with assurance that I am OK but I had to wipe the tears away then I noticed he walked around in front of me in circles and then went back to lay down. I though "wow" and how unusual this kitty is. When I go to take insulin it is sitting right there and it gets real close as if it is smelling my breath. Am I hallucinating or is this real!!! Well when I had a cold for the last two weeks Kitty just hung around me close.

I have been really trying to determine Spunky's age but I thing about 6-8 weeks because I can see growth. I am on my way the Vet soon.

Also is there any one who know if Kitty's in fact have special instincts like some other pets? Spunky knows my voice over the phone. I am on this computer and Spunky is laying close to me with one paw and head on my arm!!

I have heard that some Kitty's are very affectionate and some spiritual instinct! Is there any one who can shed some light?

I am going to post a picture of Spunky real soon.

I really think that Spunky was left on at our front door for a reason!

Thanks in advance for your input!!

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Ms. DAT 2012-11-08 01:41:18 -0600 Report

HI Wolfgirl !!! Thanks for sharing about Sakura with me!!! So now I know it is not just my imagination!! Have you heard of that old song that say, "It's just my imagination running away with me"!!haha!!

Wolfgirl1213 2012-11-07 21:29:13 -0600 Report

I think cats do have special instincts. I have no actual proof other than the fact that my cat Sakura is the exact same way. She knows when something's wrong with me, And she somehow alerts one of my family members. I didn't train her or anything she's just like that.

tabby9146 2012-11-07 11:22:33 -0600 Report

I would love a thread where everyone posts a pic of their pets. I love dogs too, have had several of them, currently do not have one. had a poodle oversized toy, for 13 years until she died of old age problems, we still miss her and lost her in 2000.

tabby9146 2012-11-07 11:21:04 -0600 Report

post a pic soon, I've had cats all of my life and I am in my mid 40s! they have many instincts that their relatives, the big cats in the wild have, for example, one of my outside cats, a loving sweet solid black cat, had two kittens, that we keep in the carport in a large box right now they are 3 weeks old, she goes out and kills mice in the woods and brings them to the box! There is never any blood left, or anything too gross, she eats them and leaves the tail, yuck, I just let her do this. I keep putting fresh newspapers in the box. They will do all kinds of things like that when they are older. I have two indoor cats, and the best one is Pepper, because he is the most affectionate he is my big slightly overweight sold black baby! Then there is the female, a tux (black and white) named Cee Cee. She is older, Pepper is three and he is one of the best cats I've ever had, and I have had MANY , so that is really saying something. He follows me all around the house, and gets into what everyone is doing ,but especially me. When I am on one of the sofas, he comes and gets in my lap all the time, somtimes if I am semi reclining, he will get up to my face as close as he can , and almost sit on my chest! It's great to have a cat like that, and Cee Cee sits by us, but not a lap cat like Pepper, my son's former girlfriend brought her to us, he wanted her, when she was a kitten, just barely weaned, she was very frightened, they said her mother abandoned her, so I guess that is why still today, she is that way ,very skittish and scared of so much, it took us over a year until we could get her to sit alongside us.

Ms. DAT 2012-11-07 12:40:52 -0600 Report

OK I will I just got a an idea to use my family phone!!! Is is so nice to hear that there are cats lovers as well as dogs too because they are really fun to have around!!
Thanks for sharing your experiences, it is really helping me because I was hesitant to share about Spunky due to uncertainty but know I am opening up to share our wonderful experience.
Now Spunky love to curl up on my spouse chest like a little fur ball and will go take a short nap, he just laughs!! I think Spunky grew on him while I was gone for 3 days for a few appointments( I have to commute a long distance). I'd get a call to say guess what this cat is doing?!! haha!! One day Spunky was spotted on top of my pillow just waking up and yawning with a stretch so I just laughed.

ShellyLargent 2012-11-07 09:35:09 -0600 Report

They train dogs to alert diabetics to low or high blood sugars. From what I understand, when we are low or high, our scents change and the dogs can pick up on it. Since cats are also animals with a higher sense of smell, I can't see why they couldn't act in the same fashion. Spunky sounds like a true God send!

Ms. DAT 2012-11-07 12:47:01 -0600 Report

Yes I believe Spunky is God sent!! Thanks for your words of encouragement. Matter of fact Spunky is sitting right here looking at the screen as I type and sometimes he gets right up to the screen to touch with his paw so I have to get Spunky down!!

jayabee52 2012-11-07 03:39:03 -0600 Report

I don't know the answer to your question, but I suspect cats like other animals have individual, unique, characteristics. Just like people do. Looking to see if I could find an answer to your question I found the following story here ~ It is quite heartwarming!

Ms. DAT 2012-11-07 13:20:03 -0600 Report

Hi Jay!! I have read and looked at the sight you recommended which is very informative. You are one of the most resourceful person that I have met since being apart of the DC family!! I truly mean what I say!! Thank You so much !! I pray you are doing just fine!!!

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