Problems With Pain?

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This is one reason why some may of you may have more pain related problems; or more severe, than the normal pain or arthritis, and osteoperosis. I have both of them, but my pain is much more severe now. All my life I have been active, bike riding, exercising, walking and my body muscles were all pretty toned up. Since I have suffered illness that has kept me bedridden; my muscles have turned limp and flabby from lack of use. Now, when I try to use them, they hurt like mad, and then I realized my muscles were indeed gone, and I have to try, even from wheel chair to strengthen them. Even though it hurts, a few arm circles, even neck circles, lifting legs up slowly; letting them down slowly, whatever you can do when you are still in pain, or while pain meds are helping you, will also help your muscles to develop again. Very slowly, as you develop these muscles some of the pain will start to disappear; not all, but some. I know when I wake up in the morning, I just want to lay right back down ago; first thing I feel are the bones in my ankles, and severe pain. While lifting up and holding on to the can, I force myself to endure as much pain as possible, and then I will take my pain pill, when I can no longer go on with my work, and have to lay down completely. But, You just do what you can, or what you can endure. I realize this is very hard to do,but you may benefit by it.

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