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Started 2008-03-13 06:55:19 -0500

I run the DIABETEStalkfest ( website the first site dedicated to live scheduled chats with medical professionals, scientists, nutritionists and also live daily chats to help connect people with diabetes coast 2 coast! If you would like to get updates from our site JOIN to find out about upcoming chats, of you can just use our chat room to find others living with diabetes.

Thanks everyone,

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morris.js 2008-08-05 22:24:10 -0500 Report

When you click on the link, go in and edit it…you need to add an "e" between the "b" & "t" in diabetes. Then it gets you where you want to go…LOL John

Toma 2008-03-17 11:36:19 -0500 Report

Hi Gina,

I went to look for your site and did not find it. Is it a real site? If it is I would like to find itr and possibly tell my site members about it it sounds interesting.

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