A dog named King Tut and his diabetic owner Marilyn Pharo

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King Tut and his diabetic owner Marilyn Pharo
I had written a blog last year in January 2009 about a wonderful organisation that takes seeing eye dogs from 4 months to 1 year – and retrains them to provide medical alert assistance to Type 1 diabetics (Dogs4Diabetes or D4D).

This came across my desktop the other day about a 7-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi who goes by the name of King Tut who can tell when his owner (Marilyn Pharo) ketones are going low. He's saved his owner a few times when she's had low blood sugars (hypos).

I still can't get over how sensitive dogs are to smell (I thought I had a good sniffer myself). To be able to smell the difference in the ketones that admit from the body is incredible! I wonder if cats can sense the same thing? Mine have never tried to pry my eyeballs open when I'm having a low at night (they only do this for food at 6:00 a.m. aka Garfield style).

Animal Planet is going to be filming Marilyn and her trusty King Tut at their home in Cape May, New Jersey this month and their episode will air sometime in the Fall. So check back at this link - Dogs 101 to see when it will play (I know I want to see this).

To read the rest of this wonderful story - go to this link (or paste the link in a new browser - http://www.14wfie.com/global/story.asp?s=1253... ).

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