NOT TRYING TO SELL...Just info. as this is the time to make insurance changes up to Dec. 15th

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Oct. 15th - Dec.15th is the time to make changes in health coverage if you are considering doing that.

I have medicare A,B,C,D and Medicaid. I also have belonged to Group Health for over a year. Joing by Dec.15th or making changes by that time will hopefully get you covered by Jan.1.

I like Group Health because almost all the Dr's. I need are under their umbrella. If I need to see a Dr. outside of Group Health, (gh), I get a referral from the Dr. in gh sending me to the other Dr. and when I get a letter saying it was approved, I can make the appt. GH has a network of computerized connection between the Dr's. and the patient, me for example. Appointments show up on my computer, Dr's. notes after a visit. I can make or cancel appts. over their secure site.

When a person joins, they are given a consumer number. That number is used to access gh over the computer or get help from gh over the phone. GH has their own lab. and pharmacy. When a diabetic joins, they are given a free meter and supplies and after a year with that meter, they can get a new free meter.

The monthly price to belong to gh depends on what a person wants covered and how low they want their co-pays to be. This past year, I paid extra for vision and dental. Starting with the coverages they have available in Jan./13, my current premium will not be available so I am in the process of picking a new premium and vision and dental will be covered.

For seniors, like me, gh has an exercise program called Silver Sneakers. There are many places that take Silver Sneakers, such as the ymca, where I live. I can go to the ymca and do whatever works for me. I do not have to pay extra.

I still use my medicare and medicaid but mostly as backups. GH has a network of hospitals available throughout the USA and I am not sure about abroad. I know if a member needs to use a hospital out of their network, they just need to be notified asap.

Another great thing that comes with membership to gh is the 24/7 urgent care and consulting nurse help. I have needed both of these great options many times, when the clinic is closed after hours.

I am sure I have left somethings out by accident, and please remember, I am just trying to give members here something to think about. I am in no way, trying to sell anything.

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