hurricane here, non perishable diabetic foods-- any suggestions/

By Lakeland Latest Reply 2012-11-19 20:31:13 -0600
Started 2012-10-28 20:52:03 -0500

so it's a little late to ask but they are reporting we could be out of power for a week when this thng hits, so I"m trying to figure what non-perishable foods to have on hand for this.

I found higer fiber breads, & fruit, I made broccoli, bean salads, I have peanut butter, jello cups, pretzles. I feel like I'm not creative at all, I'm nervous about fruit, it always spikes my sugars. It just seems like the things that don't need refrigeration or electric to cook aren't diabetic friendly.

any suggestions? thanks

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Lakeland 2012-10-30 11:40:49 -0500 Report

hurricane's over & was very good to us, we never lost power, my mom lost power for several hours but it was late evening so she went to bed, she was awoken when the electic came back on & the tv started playing.

Many bridges are flooded so roads are closed but it was much better than I thought it would be. Thanks everyone, I'm prepared for the next one.

GabbyPA 2012-11-01 12:19:41 -0500 Report

We do what we call a "List of lists"
You get the general things you want to stock up on, say....

Then that list you make another more specific list for your needs

* canned goods
* crackers
* nuts
* can opener

* bottled
* bathing
* cooking

* flash lights
* batteries
* lanterns
* fuel

* home
* tent
* blankets
* rain gear

These are just samples, but it's how it works and you will find the more detailed you get the better prepared you can be. However, just like Harlen said, sometimes you don't know what you need until you are in the thick of things.

We add to our supplies all year long, so we don't have to make a mad dash to the store in an emergency. That never works out as well as just taking a few bucks a week and buying things one at a time and putting them in a special storage place in the house.

Young1s 2012-11-09 01:31:01 -0600 Report

I agree with Turtle. I took the things from all of these suggestions that I wasn't thinking about with the last storm and added them to my just in case list. I feel that my next preparedness situation will be better than the last. One thing I want to add to it is, if you have good water, instead of buying bottled water, just rinse out and fill up large empty soda bottles with your tap water.

May I just say, my family is always teasing me about the fact that I sometimes buy foods that are not likely to be used, or I seem like I'm storing up a reserve. Welll, that's not a joke anymore, for now.

Turtle 2012-11-04 00:13:58 -0500 Report

I like the way your list goes from nonspecific to pin-it-down specific.

GabbyPA 2012-11-04 06:15:56 -0600 Report

That is the idea, because when you do it all at once, it is overwhelming. This way it is smaller bites and easier to handle.

Nana_anna 2012-10-30 10:09:08 -0500 Report

The REM meals are not nutritional. They are high in sugar. Not very tasty. We always get plenty of apples, peanut butter, crackers, following Harlen's list is good.

GabbyPA 2012-11-01 12:13:11 -0500 Report

MRE's have come a long way. They are not too bad tasting, for precooked meals. I just skip all the extra stuff in them and spread the meal out for the day. They are meant to give you lots of calories and carbs for working hard, like our military does. The do have quite a high nutritional value just for that reason.

However, that is why they are not so diabetic friendly. But if you split them up it's not so bad. The drinks are sugar free, which surprised me. But I guess to keep the weight down of the meal, they did that. We use them sometimes when we go camping, specially if it is very primitive. All you need is water to add to the heaters and you get a very hot meal without fire. They are quite ingenious.

Harlen 2012-10-29 17:52:21 -0500 Report

Ok some thing you all didnt know I am a LIGHT prepper I have food and every thing you need for a long time with out electric or water lol lol
Short list
1 I have a 7kw gen with ten days of gas
2 wined up radio that will charge my cell phone
3 food for a year and thats for four
Typ's of food
Green beens,beets ,apple butter,jam's all typ's .peanut butter,Dry eggs,dry milk
Can meats we all know what they are lol lol
I have a little lp stove that I can cook with if all els fails as well as can-heat
Beans, rice cooking oil
If things go to the dog's I will only eat little of what I have too keep my # good
The list of food is very long and dont forget the pickeld foods and
Your food needs very on what your doing keep in mined that if your just sitting you dont need a lot so dont eat a lot.
I keep 90 day supplies of insulin and other things I need
so cover you butt
Best wishes

GabbyPA 2012-10-30 08:23:49 -0500 Report

Harlen, a man after my own heart! This is how we do it as well, and that is why I can food, grow a garden and so much more. You go Harlen! That is taking care of your family. You are a great man for doing that.

Turtle 2012-10-29 21:45:05 -0500 Report

Great list Harlen. I need to take all these lists and combine them so I can put together an emergency kit. I live in an earthquake area, altho, we seldom get big ones. The news just keeps saying to be ready for an emergency.

Young1s 2012-10-29 16:30:42 -0500 Report

Wish I had seen this discussion before I went shopping yesterday, lol, but I think we will fare well with what I picked up, if the need arises. Clearly I still have power, so at that's something to be positive about. But to agree with Ms. DAT, remaining hopeful and prayerful (if you're a religious person) that your family will get through this, will help. I'm certainly doing that for me and my family. You'd never know I was a total wreck about all this just last night.

Ms. DAT 2012-10-29 15:51:39 -0500 Report

Our Prayers are with you! I like to add in the midst of food and maintaining safety to stay hopeful that you and family will survive the predicted storm.

Be sure to take any extra medications for you and family to have available. Take medical information with you and any form of identification. Insurance information. Warm clothes such as sweats, t-shirts, pants, socks, etc. Prepare a personal hygiene kit-toothpaste, soap or body wash, baby wipes, etc. I f possible purchase an" all in one" that contains a battery operated radio, flashlight. Kerosene lamps are still good for light but I am not sure where to readily purchase one from in your area. Ya know that is what many used back in the days when electricity was scarce in certain towns!

GabbyPA 2012-10-28 23:45:32 -0500 Report

I am in hurricane prone Florida and for the hurricane season I keep some of these basics always handy:

*Water is number 1. Minimum drinking 1 gal per person, per day. Fill your bath tubs and any containers you have. (line a garbage can and fill it)You will also need it for cooking, and flushing the toilets and bathing.

*Individual milk boxes or coconut water. I do have some fruit, but they are 100% fruit for kids, so a lot less sugar and smaller boxes.

*Canned veggies (green beans, mixed veggies, tomatoes, squash)

*Canned beans (garbanzos, black, pinto...etc)

*Canned soups (I try to find the lower carb ones, 12-19g per serving)

*Canned prepared foods such as Chef-Boy-Andee (yes, there are some where the carb count is not so bad. Read the labels and know it is for 1/2 the can)

*Nuts are always a winner (almonds, pistachios, peanuts...etc)

*Fiber One bars. Watch the carbs, but they are easy comfort food.

*Cliff Builder Bars. High protein, made to be glycemically friendly.

*Crackers with cheese or peanut butter filling. They are better than just plain crackers.

*Peanut butter (unfortunately, natural requires refrigeration, but for just a few days, you may be able to make it work)

*Dill pickles (they come in individual servings or smaller jars)

*Bulgar Wheat is easy to cook, only hot water, no "cooking" is required

*Johnsonville sausage. It doesn't require refrigeration until opened, so get the smaller ones so you can eat or share them in one sitting.

*Canned tuna, chicken or even spam.

*Beef jerky (avoid the sweeter varieties)

*Velveeta cheese (Again, no refrigeration is required)

*Farm fresh, never in the fridge eggs (If they have not been refrigerated, they can be left out for months without damage)

*I keep pork rinds handy for a snack that is zero carbs

*If fruit spikes you, stay away from dried fruits. They are worse. But fruits that do keep are things like apples and citrus. They can survive well without power.

*Fresh Sweet potatoes are easy to keep and can cook on a grill with some foil.

*Charcoal, lighter fluid and matches (if you have a grill)

*Of course you want your meds to be stocked up

You may be eating out of a can on some occasions, but at least you can get something balanced with what is up there. Since it is supposed to get cold after the storm, you can have refrigeration outside in a cooler.

We always have MRE's handy. Meals Ready to Eat. They are expensive and not diabetic friendly really, but they offer enough calories to help you through in a pinch.

Be well, stay safe and I will be praying for you.

Turtle 2012-10-28 22:44:33 -0500 Report

Batteries, flashlights, wood if you have a fireplace, peanuts, trailmix, cheese crackers, peanutbutter crackers, g2, your fav. flavors, breads, peanutbutter, jelly, shelf milk, its good and does not have to be refrigerated, crackers, I cannot eat this so I cannot think of its name but that spicy meat round and long like on links, meat…no refrig. needed, I chest full of ice, lots of drinkable water, cookies, either low suger or reg., lots of dog or cat food if you have pets, also, dog and cat foods are made so humans can eat them in case of emergency, sardines if you like salt,,,,yuck. if you have a military store where stuff that was used by sodiers, go there and look for rations, several sterno cans and matches, you can cook over them and warm your hands, reliable battery run radio so you can hear what's going on. Board up your windows, get your anumals safely in.

I could continue but my arms are getting tired. Get back up batteries for computer to use only for getting information. Cards to pass time, games for kids.

I used to live in Louisiana so I have an idea what you are facing. Be ready to evacuate. get your sleeping bags together and pillows and kids fav. blankey and fav. toys.

God bless and please let me know how you did thru the storm.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-10-29 13:08:49 -0500 Report

Great informationTurtle I have been through them before also here in Maryland. We follow the same thing as for Blizzards. The one thing that people don't do is pay attention to the news. Storms are nothing to play with as you don't know what is going to happen with them. No one can predict what Nature will or will not do. No matter how many times they tell people not to drive through standing water they do it anyway and get mad because they get a bill for being towed out. People will not evacuate and are now being told you will have to stay and get rescued when it is safe to rescue them. More than likely they will get a bill for that.

Here in the city, they Public Works department dumped sand in several locations for people to fill sandbags for their homes. They also put out a list for Shelter locations should people need them.

I have a gas stove so I will be able to cook if power goes out. I also have a grill with charcoal. I refuse to have an electric stove in my house. I also filled empty plastic bottles and dropped them in my freezer.

I don't use candles for power outages, I bought battery powered Camp Lanterns
to use should I lose power. I save battery coupons and when I heard we had a chance of the hurricane hitting us, I went and bought a lot of batteries. I also have my cell phone charged up. I also have a shower radio. I can use that for information. The one thing I forgot to buy was a book light so I can read.

Turtle 2012-10-28 22:51:39 -0500 Report

ps…make sure every cell phone you have service for is totally charged and only on when needed. Keep matches and stuff out of kids reach, gather all the meds. your fam. needs together, and pack in a back pack or someplace easy for you to get. Remember, this kind of stress can make your numbers go up so dont be alarmed. Have all 1st aide stuff to gether w/ meds. incase you need them.

Tender Tips
Tender Tips 2012-10-28 21:53:48 -0500 Report

Do you like peanuts or any other type of nuts? What about beef jerky? Popcorn? Good luck-hope the storm does not live up to the predictions. Take care.

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