What to do when my suger is too high

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I am very new to this site and I'm sure this topic has been discussed many times before. I am a Type 2 diabetic and take metformin and Byetta. I know when my sugar is low to drink some OJ, a couple of hard candies, sucrose tablets, etc. But what is there to do if my sugar is high? I have not been very good lately about testing and following my diet and I am hoping by being active in this group, I will be more responsible for my health. This morning I did not test, so I don't know where I was when I woke up, but I had a serving of oatmeal for breakfast and began having a few pieces of cheese with a few crackers for lunch. I began to feel light headed, then dizzy. I thought my sugar was low. It was 367. I took an extra metformin and within 1 hour it was down to 226. But is their anything else I can do? Eat a protein, drink water…? I really want to get back on track and I need advise from those that are going thru the same things I am. Please help.

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sherleneh124 2008-12-28 22:20:03 -0600 Report

Apple cider vinegar helps with my dad high blood pressure. He also informed me that you should rinse really good after drinking it because the acid in the vinegar corrodes your teeth. I would say if your sugars are too high to always check with your doctor first

GINSHAKER 2008-12-01 17:17:49 -0600 Report

A cider vinegar pill? Are you telling me a pill from Walmart will help with my 270's BG????
I walk my dog alot, exercise vigorously at the gym 3-4 days a week and still I'm in the upper 200's! I'm heading to Walmart if some one can tell me that a cider vinegar pill will help!
This diabetes thing is new to me and I have nothing but questions. Thank you for being active on this site…I've learned more reading the last half an hour than I have in the previous two years!

caspersmama 2008-12-01 17:32:19 -0600 Report

I do not know about the pill but I take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with water before breakfast and 1 before dinner and with the other meds and watching my diet it has greatly improved my numbers. So much so that with some other things I learned on here and asked my doctor about I came off of insulin about a month ago and have better numbers now than when I was on insulin. But please before you start anything ask your doctor because vinegar or red wine could greatly affect some of your medicines.

2008-12-01 18:19:53 -0600 Report

I take 1000mg of cassia cinnamon in a capsule (also a Walmart buy) before breakfast and before supper and it seems to keep my sugars from going too high. I've checked at one hour, two hours, and three hours and they are way below 140 always now. You still have to eat right and count carbs but my numbers are much better since I started the cinnamon. I like the capsules because while I like the taste of cinnamon, I don't want everything to taste like it. I'd get sick of that real fast I think. I tried the apple cider vinegar but had trouble with my stomach from it. Not sure if the pills would do the same. It's worth a shot to try it, if it doesn't work you won't be out a lot of money but if it does you're getting a good benefit for a little money. :) Good luck

vgarrison 2008-12-01 19:56:11 -0600 Report

I too take the cinnamon capsles…I buy them at walmart or walgreens…I like the capsules better, but I have a tendancy to get the cinnamon burps…hehe..better than Fish burps, for I take Omega 3 as well…LOL


mommy of 6
mommy of 6 2008-12-01 16:06:15 -0600 Report

I've had problems with my numbers too 296 being the highest and 34 the low.I have not been to a specialist as my dr.feels she can get them under control.I have no idea what to eatr or how to count carbs.I just gave birth sept 08.My weight has not gone down.But I take Avandamet 2x a day,Januvia 1x a day,Humalog 75/25 pen 30 2xs a day,Humulin N 50 am 26 pm and Humalog 30 am and 30 pm.It seems like a whole lot of isulin but my numbers are around 180 after meals like pasta or breads.I wamt to find a good diet keeping in mind I have 6 children.Any help would be apprieciated.By the way this is my first time posting.

Audge 2008-12-01 16:26:07 -0600 Report

Sometimes a few cups of hot tea helps me no milk though just tea thats what I do anyway hopes it helps

ohionative 2010-08-10 09:17:44 -0500 Report

Get you an appointment with an endocrinologist. Your sugars are running way to high for all the meds you are taking. Were they high when you were pregnant? The OB/GYN likes to keep blood sugars under 95 even after eating.

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2008-11-30 00:36:45 -0600 Report

Hi! I new at this blood sugar thing. I also can't get my blood sugars down. So if you don/t mind I will use some of the ideas sent to you. If you need a shoulder mine is always avaliable.

Thank You
your friend

vgarrison 2008-11-30 02:09:38 -0600 Report


Use this site! If an answer was posted that you find useful, run with it, no matter who it was intended for.

I will say though, it might not be a good idea to post your phone number…post an email address and that way you can send it to someone personally. It's just a thought…


sherleneh124 2008-11-28 14:08:00 -0600 Report

OH my goodness. O love this site. the people on here are so supportive and help in any way they know how. I am so glad to be a part of this site.

oetiki 2008-11-27 13:57:09 -0600 Report

Talk to your doctor about the changes that you are making and don't forget that you also need to exercise (walk daily for at least 30 minutes).

PTaglieri 2008-11-27 23:29:22 -0600 Report

We discussed the problems I've been having at dinner today and my family feels the same way. That I should call my doctor, so I'll be calling him Monday.
Happy Thanksgiving.

PTaglieri 2008-11-28 00:10:32 -0600 Report

Exercise was going to be my next discussion. I am diabled from disc problems that led to sciatica. I need to walk with a cane and that is only for about 5 min. before I'm out of breath and sweating. I'm basically just a mess.
Meanwhile hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

oetiki 2008-11-30 00:21:41 -0600 Report

Talk to your doctor about the different physical activities that you can do. I don't know if you able to swim and take a water aerobic class.

caspersmama 2008-12-01 17:27:41 -0600 Report

I too have degenerative disc disease in my back as well as being a type 2 but for exercise I use a recumbent sitting bike. You sit very comfortably like in a chair and pedal away. I am up to 2 miles a day. 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening. It does not cause my back any pain. I got it at Wal Mart for 125 dollars. Plus I walk my puppy several times a day around the yard. But the exercise has not only helped me with my sugars but has toned up my legs also. also when I can find the time I go to the pool and take a class called "squeeks and creeks" it is for people who can not do alot of jumping around and I love the heated water.

vgarrison 2008-11-27 12:22:51 -0600 Report


Don't worry about if your question you are posting has been done before…ask it anyway. More than likely someone may have already read a post like this sometime, but then they are able to pass the information they learned from that post on to you…never worry about whats been posted before…worry about getting your questions answered anyway you need to…your health is a very important thing…

Good Luck on getting those sugars down, I had to go on insulin myself to get them down from over 240.

Blessed Be

PTaglieri 2008-11-27 23:26:51 -0600 Report

Thanks for letting me know about the discussions. Now I won't feel strange asking something that may have been discussed already. Happy Thanksgiving.

GabbyPA 2008-11-27 08:31:11 -0600 Report

Some things that I do to help with my numbers are to definately watch the crabs, they sneak in all kinds of places. So read your lables. I know it is hard when your husband can eat anything, but look at it as your overall health, and eating healthy will be a better choice in so many ways besides just your sugar levels.

I make sure I exercise daily. That helps me more than almost anything. It helps me a lot.

When you have a high that is unexpected, I try to drink water with lemon in it, or some camomile tea. Vinegar also helps a lot, drink it with each meal. It helps with the asimilation of the crabs and gives you energy.

Like Avera said, your meds may not be right. My mom had to work for months with her doctor to get them working the right way for her.

sparkysmom 2008-11-27 08:49:29 -0600 Report

So the vinegar…Do you just drink it out of a glass? How much at each meal?

GabbyPA 2008-11-27 11:10:20 -0600 Report

I drink 1 table spoon in a cup of cold water. If you drink it with each meal, it works best. It takes a little bit to get used to the taste, but once you do, plain water tastes funny. LOL

GabbyPA 2008-11-27 11:21:09 -0600 Report

either one. The white is a little easier to get used to, but I personally like the apple cider vinegar.

vgarrison 2008-11-27 12:14:18 -0600 Report

I have heard so many great uses for apple cider vinagar…my neighbor takes it for arthrisis, and her husband takes some for his type 2 diabetes…and I found out that at either Walmart or Sams club, they have the apple cider vinagar in tablet form…so no more tastes…I know she bought a pack for our house, cant find them anywhere to tell you the name, but she said she went up the pharmacy and they took her right to them…in the supplement isle.

Hope this helps the medicine go down…HEHEHE

Blessed Be

sexyswamprat 2008-12-28 22:51:54 -0600 Report

FYI, I use apple cider vinegar to rinse my hair once a week. It hepls with hair lose. Just a helpful hint. I use 4 tbsp of the vinegar and 1-1 1/2 cups of warm water. It's fabulous.

PTaglieri 2008-11-27 23:24:31 -0600 Report

I am going to try the apple cider vinegar. I did here about it one time about weit control (which is not a bad result either). Thanks for your tips and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Avera 2008-11-26 22:25:02 -0600 Report

To be honest,,,be sure and talk to your doctor about this. If your next appointment is very far away, call and reschedule. It might be that your medicine dose is too low for you. Meanwhile, get back on a strict low carb diet and see if that helps. BUT!!!! call the doctor about it.

PTaglieri 2008-11-26 22:36:17 -0600 Report

Thanks, I am going to call my doctor on Monday. I know there has to be something better out there for me. My husband is also Type 2, eats rings around me, and never anything healthy, and his numbers are always good. He is however on insulin, so I may need it also to gain better contol.