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good afternoon. i recently have joined this website to support my very best friend in the world mike sutton. he was diagnosed with diabetes when he was a young kid. he is now 23 years old and has clinical depression and just does not take care of himself with his diabetes at all.. he never checks his blood because the meter he has is horrible it reads his blood wrong for example it read 200 i think he said and he then ended up in the hospital with i think he called it DK . and his blood on there meter read 500, or vice versa i might of mixed it up. but my point is that im very worried about him he has been in dk four times in the past month. he is supposed to take 4 regular insulin injections a day and one long acting injection at night. (he does not take the long acting injection at all) .. im so worried. I want to help him in any way i can. he has no health insurance which makes it hard for him to take care of his diabetesd and he is from a poor family. can you inform me of any special offers or deals out there that i could help him in getting a top quality meter , so he would not mind using it and would check his blood. he hates the one he has it doesn’t read his blood right , it hurts, it bruises him badly. so he does not check his blood at all now. please assist me and provide me with any information at all.. i love him so much and do not want to see him suffer or to have his health get worst to the point of this effecting his eyesite or lungs, liver , or worst. i love him and want to help and see him take care of his diabetes adn for him not to be scared or in pain in doing so.. thank you so much in advance. yours truly darcy wark. my email is freckles0321@hotmail.com small my mailing address is 25 manchester terrace, springfield massachusetts 01108. (in your darkest hour of adversity be not without hope) lots of love and peace, darcy

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Thank you so much for your response. Yes I am looking to find him one of the newer ones that takes much less blood and doesnt hurt as much.. so he will start testing his blood regularly as he should be doing. Right now he doesnt check it at all and has had serious emergency room visits .. because of it.

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Most of the meter companies will provide a free meter. The test strips are where they make their money. Wal-Mart has a meter that is around $16 and the strips are $9 for 50 strips.