It is sad!

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You know it is really sad that in the US there is still no health insurance for people with preexisting conditions. You have to get a good job to provide insurance or be really poor to qualify for medicaid. What about the people in the middle I just lost my insurance benefits and I was so disappointment when most insurance companies turned me down even thought I was willing to pay there extreme prices. I think that people with diseases are the ones that most need an health insurance. So pretty much you have to be healthy to be accepted by a health insurance, how ridiculous, I was treated like a parasite of society. I am healthy I just have diabetes and probably eat healthy and exercise more than a HEALTHY person. I have always had insurance through my jobs and did not really want to believe that I was going to be turned down for having diabetes. So being diabetic makes me less of a person to this society that is trying to reflect the ideal that HEALTHY IS GOOD AND SICK IS BAD. Where is the humanity, when we are all vurnerable to so many things such dying because of lack of water, oxygen, and food.

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IronOre 2012-10-23 12:16:14 -0500 Report

Based on your many resposes below it seems to me like you are are a bit emotional about this topic.
If you can't afford your meds then contact the companies that make them ~ they will more than likely give them to you for free.
Yes there are clinics out there that are there for you.
The bottom line is that you will need to do all the foot work ~ nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter.
This has been brought up several times here at DC ~ a simple search will help you out.

zalika 2012-10-21 02:58:16 -0500 Report

Most colleges, even community college offers affordable health insurance if u just take 1 credit. It's better than nothing & cheap :)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-10-20 17:53:16 -0500 Report

If you can't find a free clinic, find one with sliding fees. The fee is based on your income. Unfortunately, insurance companies are in business to make money, not to pay it out. Even car insurance rates are based on where you live and the kind of car you have.

The sick in this country are dealt a bad hand unless you are wealthy. Insurance companies will put you through hell for almost any reason they can come up with when it comes to getting insurance or filing a claim. This is what needs to be fixed.

ayled21 2012-10-20 18:03:43 -0500 Report

I am just amazed that health insurances dont cover sick people they only want healthy people. Ok so then why do they exist!

ayled21 2012-10-20 18:02:45 -0500 Report

I had insurance all my life through work and this is the first time that I was rejected for individual because I never needed it, but is ok, I have a good solution.

ayled21 2012-10-20 18:00:24 -0500 Report

It is true people lives are a business and remember the foods we eat are contaminated with toxins do you research and discover that in the US there are more diabetics then anywhere else in the world.

ayled21 2012-10-20 17:58:15 -0500 Report

Well the problem is that I dont qualify not even for sliding scale like I said I was willing to pay for individual insurance but they dont take me. But once I graduate and complete my Doctorate I am moving from the U.S. Believe it or not other places in the world have more accessibity to the sick then here in the U.S.

doggier 2012-10-20 16:48:04 -0500 Report

Sorry, you are going through this. I remember when i lost my job about 7 years ago no insurance company wanted to insure me because i had preexiting condictions. These were condictions that I have no control over. My mom had to pay $300 a month untill my medicare kicked in. I think that was awfull but i am bless that I had someone in my life that could do that for me. Right now I work at a place that has a free clinic. Can you find one in your city that maybe can help you untill you get your insurance. Call some of the hospitals and ask do they have some free clinics you can go to. They will give you all of your diabetic supplies and help with any other illnesses.

ayled21 2012-10-20 17:25:26 -0500 Report

Forget about being healthy I think if the soul is pure then somehow God will always help me.

ayled21 2012-10-20 17:23:17 -0500 Report

I dont qualify for free clinics I wanted to get an individual insurance but tey just dont accept me because of my condition. The University I attend has a medical program but I have never used it, now I have to I guess.

doggier 2012-10-20 17:37:27 -0500 Report

Good luck, I know it is hare when things seem like they are not going to work out.

ayled21 2012-10-20 17:45:58 -0500 Report

My husband has individual insurance but they wont take me and Cobra was over 900 for me and for that I rather take my chances. A ll I need is insulin and thankfully I have it now the rest is up to when I move from Florida and will be able to have individual insurace without a problem.

Nick1962 2012-10-20 16:01:47 -0500 Report

It is available, and yes as you say at a premium. The ADA puts out a few options
Any pre-existing condition is a risk an insurer has to bear, but if you are a T2, many insurance companies now will discount your rates if you prove you are keeping reasonably good control.
You're right, it does seem backwards that the sickest are usually those that need the insurance the most, but unfortunately, there are so many people who abuse the system, it's been ruined for the rest.
Here's a few links that may be helpful
And no, diabetes doesn't make you less of a person, just a higher risk. You may be able to apply for a "trial period" with some companies if you're a T2 and can prove you manage reasonably well.

ayled21 2012-10-20 16:17:07 -0500 Report

The money needs to be invested here so that we may grow economically.
Not political at all I am just disappointed about certain things.

Nick1962 2012-10-20 16:32:24 -0500 Report

We've had similar discussions in the past, and some got pretty heated, but you are right, there does need to be some type of reform. I personally would like to see coverage on certain "manageable" conditions be charged like a sin tax. If you smoke, you already pay higher premiums. If you have unhealthy eating habits, thats just as damaging, so why not charge more for the diabetic who refuses to attempt control?

ayled21 2012-10-20 16:36:29 -0500 Report

Well we can't change the world we are only responsible on changing our selves to be better human beings and helping others along that path.

ayled21 2012-10-20 16:15:15 -0500 Report

I am a professional and it is sad that the U.S as powerful as it is does not invest most of their money on the problems Americans are facing at this moment.

Nick1962 2012-10-20 16:25:00 -0500 Report

Yeah, don't get me started there. It cost $28.8 million to move that d*** space shuttle 12 miles, not to mention how many trees were cut down because of it. Couldn't they take it apart and move it? 28.8 mil would give every diabetic in the US at least 2 test strips. I know the space program is responsible for a lot of advances, but that little road trip was unnecessary.

ayled21 2012-10-20 16:29:32 -0500 Report

You are right and how about giving money to the enemies of this country. The number one potency well I dont know if the U.S is still there or if China is there now, should not have families going hungry just because they have to pay their bills or mortgage over feeding themselves. I tell you it is truely sad.

Nick1962 2012-10-20 16:39:33 -0500 Report

And that's how so many of the lower paid end up getting diabetes. Our own comapnies prey on the consumer that has limited income and offers to feed them $1 hamburgers and junk food. Eventually i think though that it will come to the point where just like cigarettes, food companies will be taxed or allowed only to market to certain groups, and the junk foods and other "non-healthy" things will just be used by those hard-core food junkies.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-10-20 15:14:16 -0500 Report

I was told that you could get state medicaid if you have the letter or letters from insurance company denying you coverage. Call your local office and even your state representative to get the answer. I called my state representative years ago to complain that type 2 can get coverage, but why not us type 1. He said that they where working on it. I could prove that I had never been without insurance coverage and was being treated by drs for all my existing conditions and it wasn't right to be excluded should I become uncovered.

ayled21 2012-10-20 16:33:18 -0500 Report

Unfortunately I dont qualify for medicaid, even when I was unemployed I was not accepted so there is another issue there because I see many people that abuse medicaid benefits and I think the ones that really need it dont get it.

annesmith 2012-10-22 02:05:37 -0500 Report

I have gone through enormous stress directly related to what you are going through. I work 2 jobs, but I only clear $1400 a month between both jobs. I'm a brittle diabetic, and I signed on for free health insurance called Fina, it is for people that do not have children , they work, but they are barely over poverty line. It's been hell basically, sorry for the language. When doctors take a look and see Fina , they hesitate. I get all interns, no full physicians. In fact, when I had zero health insurance, I actually got physicians that had been in practice for a long time, or for years. If the paperwork is late on this insurance, I can't get any of my hospital bills written off, ambulance bills, then I have to pay the full amount out of my pocket—not that I'm normally late with important things, but I got run down into the ground and was late once, and I was severely penalized with one bill. They threatened to take me to court or pay up a full $800 ambulance bill. I was extremely stressed when a law firm lawyer showed up at our house. I don't have a criminal record. I did not have the money , my mom hit the roof, and she was nice enough to pay $500 of the bill. I then scrounged to have enough to eat while I paid the remaining $300 out of my pocket. ANNE

ayled21 2012-10-22 07:29:27 -0500 Report

Hi Anne, Thanks for sharing your story and yes IT IS VERY SAD that a nation as powerful as the US does not have good health insurances to cover the needs of the ones that most need it. Other places in the world like PR have good medical benefits for their citizens and they dont ask about pre conditions.

annesmith 2012-10-23 02:37:40 -0500 Report

Yes, I am shocked that The United States does not have a more balanced system for health care..that's probably not a good way for me to describe it, as it sounds like I am sugar coating it. Unbalanced is not the word. Thousands upon thousands of people are walking around with zero health insurance..this is so serious, that I have run into person after person in the emergency room at different times over the last 4 years who say they have nothing for health insurance. How terrible this all is!! Hospitals are now being pressured I think, to give the most limited care they can to people like myself and many others. I am going to keep praying extremely hard to God to help us all. ANNE

jayabee52 2012-10-23 03:24:01 -0500 Report

Howdy Ayled and Annesmith,
I want to share my experience which happened to me when my kidneys shut down completely and I needed to go into the ER and undergo dialysis to preserve my life.

I collapsed in my bedroom and was semi-comatose for 5 days early Nov 2006. I was in the ER and the ICU for about 15 to 20 days (don't remember it clearly), underwent surgery to have a dialysis tube implanted in my chest vascular surgery close to my heart). And then when I got out of hospital I attended a dialysis clinic for months, ALL without ANY medical insurance whatsoever. I also saw my Primary Care Dr and my Kidney Dr regularly during that time. (because I was a patient with "End Stage Renal Disease" [ESRD] I eventually qualified for disability payments and Medicare according to congressional action — but that is beside the point in this discussion)

Also during the previous year I had no income because I was disabled. I did have to pay out of pocket for my diabetes meds and care

The point is I received great care from ALL these people even though I had no med insurance.

Hospitals are required to give emergency care even to those who have no insurance. They do not need to give elective procedures but they do have to stabilize the patient before they can release the patient.

So folks who have no med insurance DO have access to medical care. It may not be all the elective procedures one may wish, and things like meds and meters and strips must be paid for in other ways, but basic life preserving medical care is available here in the USA.

That has been my experience.

Eventually the bills from the hospital and dialysis and my other expenses caught up with me and I had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and start over financially. I am still recovering from that.


annesmith 2012-10-24 02:31:25 -0500 Report

OH, my stressful for you!! I am happy to hear you got the good medical care you got. I agree with you —we still live in a country where we can get medical care without health insurance. My big dilemma now is ( stress is huge here), I owe the hospital $9000 from 4 years of emergency room visits. The financial assistance papers to get it wrote off ( because I clear $1400 a month with 2 jobs) requires, no questions asked, my mother's social security number, her savings account amount and numbers—the papers never got turned in because my mom is adamantly NOT willing to write down that information and have them know her numbers. I live with her, so even though she wrote them a note saying " I do not help my daughter with anything", they said that is not enough. I am not mad at my mom at all. Heck, I am really really worried to say the least——I might have to file for bankruptcy—I may not have a choice—-my question to you is this: If I file bankruptcy, won't my employers look down on this, and find a reason to fire me really quick? I'm petrified I'll never find another job if this happens——-ANNE

jayabee52 2012-10-24 03:23:17 -0500 Report

Since I don't know your field of work (nor am I asking) I would have no idea how they would look on it. I have a son who has to have a govt security clearance in his work and if my son needed to go bankrupt. They would be interested on knowing why, however because of the economy, many people go bankrupt and there is not the stigma that it once had.

I am not an expert on this issue, of course, and I only have my experience to go on. Perhaps it would be good to consult a bankruptcy lawyer or a financial adviser on the issue.

annesmith 2012-10-24 03:45:04 -0500 Report

Yes, I apologize as I asked a hard question. I'm nervous to talk to a lawyer of any kind, ha..I don't have a criminal record, but, just nervous. I'll see how much the collection agency wants for payment plans on my outstanding $9000 balance, then take it from there—they've said I defaulted on the bill, which scared the crap out of me. I took it to my tax man, who gives some free advice on collection agencies. He read it in finite detail, and said his strong opinion was it's a scare tactic when they used the word default. I have come to the conclusion they'll send the hospital a letter saying I defaulted, then require I pay a good high amount every month, then the letter will say " if you miss payments, court." That's what happened to me in the past, but to a smaller degree. You know, the gigantic stress this all is is astounding…I have not gone one day without being worried sick about it, and to think, several thousands upon thousands of people across the whole country are going through this, too. Some nights, I wake up busting sweats , then I start shaking—the stress alone from even re reading the letter over and over again is enough to send one right back to the hospital —-I had a friend who this happened to. Seriously, he had hernia surgery, and a Blue Cross plan , and even with his Blue Cross plan, when he got the bill in the mail, about 20 minutes later he got chest pains. He then called an ambulance again ( he had called 911 a few weeks before for the hernia). The firemen came into his living room, and he's sitting in his chair with chest pains, and his big hospital bill set aside nearby on a table. ANNE

jayabee52 2012-10-24 04:24:25 -0500 Report

Anne, no apologies needed.

My girlfriend burned her arm last March and her insurance didn't cover large part of the bill for her skin graft and other procedures. Now she is behind with her bills and credit collection agencies are coming after her because she told one provider that she wasn't gonna pay. The CC agencies want her to pay $350 mo.

I have urged her to pay like $50 / mo so they can't nail her for non-payment. I have encouraged her to institute the "snowball" debt payment plan: pick out the lowest balance debt first, and pay only the minimum on every other debt so one doesn't get tagged as a deadbeat, and then on the smallest debt pay all you can until that small debt is paid off.

A google results page which tells how to do this may be found here ~

You will, of course, need to check out the plan which makes most sense to you and which you will follow.

Unfortunately my current gf doesn't seem to "get it" for some reason. I guess her ex hubby burned her with bad financial advice so she's leery. She also is depressed since life isn't going her way and she has just been Dx'd with DMt2 and she is in denial about it.

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