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Jeanette Terry
By Jeanette Terry Latest Reply 2012-10-19 23:25:21 -0500
Started 2012-10-18 14:28:28 -0500

Thanks to all who participated in our Facebook contest and "like" our facebook page. Those who participated were entered to win an iPad. We would like to announce the winner. Congratulations to atira, one of our valued members here in the community.

Atira, we hope you enjoy your new iPad.

Here is a link to the original post about the contest if you would like more information on what it was.

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red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-10-19 23:25:21 -0500 Report

Congratulations!! My daughter just won one two weeks ago in a contest for her bank. It's really nice, she likes it better then her laptop.

matz713 2012-10-18 22:23:30 -0500 Report

Congratulations on winning the iPad. I am told it is awesome and can be used in many ways including helping to improve your health. You go girl.

IronOre 2012-10-18 21:31:54 -0500 Report

It's nice to see the winner announced.
Sometimes I wonder if the prizes are actually given away.

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