We Are Lucky To Be Here

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Just 13 years ago my mother died of diabetes; because she was diagnosed with depression first.. Since that seems to be one of the first symptoms, back then only 13 years ago; they did not look any further. But doctors have changed; diseases have become more defined by their symptoms through studies and research; medications are more readily available, and treatment options,( even though it wasn't that long ago) have been improved. Studies and research have enabled us to relate to genetics a little better. There have been so much more learned about as we learn of our own illness, the doctors are better informed, meds and treatment have been tested longer. In a few short years medical researchers can make a world of difference, and for that We are lucky to be here, and the next generous, hopefully, will have better information to deal with this disease. Each year proves to be more advanced.

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I have faith that they will find medicine or something; some sort of breakthrough to help combat this disease before it gets too far. Let's just hope the researchers still get their job financed!

sparkysmom 2008-11-25 18:23:48 -0600 Report

I know that since my Mom died in 79 They have learned so much more about the disease. I'm sure with research it will only get better.

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