Can Electricity Cause Diabetes?

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Started 2012-10-14 14:48:57 -0500

From Everyday Health Newsletter: Some research claims there's a connection between diabetes and "dirty electricity" emitted from computers, TVs, mobile phones, and other everyday devices. Read the newsletter article here ~

Could this be the cause of the increasing diagnoses for diabetes?

If so, what could be the solution?

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annesmith 2012-10-16 01:44:28 -0500 Report

I feel there is something to this, but, I feel it affects overall blood sugar in type 1 and type 2 diabetics. I do not believe it is a cause of a type 3 diabetes. I could be wrong. Electricity and electrolytes come to my mind. I believe effects of electricity have been there all along. If I am around strong plastics, strong perfumes and hairsprays, my blood sugar skyrockets. It's because after you breath in the fumes, the alcohol , etc from the fumes hits your lungs, then your blood sugar reacts. I feel the same with electricity..if it's strong enough, yeah, it will temporarily affect the blood sugar. ANNE

Nick1962 2012-10-14 17:31:43 -0500 Report

I've come across this in the news section here before. These days there is significantly less "errant" electricity than here was even 20 years ago. Older picture tube style televisions actually shot electricity out at the back of the screen and a small but siginificant amount leaked out. In fact remember the days when you drove around and your car radio went nuts anytime you came near a high tension line tower? Now that rarely happens because digital transmission takes a very narrow bandwidth.
I really can't see anyting to it, but would suggest that folks who constantly use these devices might be a bit more stressed causing BG's to be elevated.