Paula Deen and Type 2: The Real Story

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By: Diabetes Health Magazine

Celebrity chef Paula Deen was subjected to some withering criticism recently when the public learned that she has type 2 diabetes. How could she push butter and sugar-loaded recipes at TV viewers when she has diabetes, her critics demanded.

In Paula's defense, some of her reluctance to change her recipes or acknowledge her diabetes was simple fear that she would have to surrender cooking and eating her beloved Southern food.

It was quite a storm, but Paula weathered it well. In doing so, she has come to a better accommodation of her disease and fashioned a positive response to both critics and fans.

She sat down with me recently to discuss the changes in her life. Come see what's up with Paula in "Cooking Up a New Life With Diabetes," on page 27.

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Mrs.Sweet 2012-10-13 05:47:38 -0500 Report

I think Paula is a great cook, if you don't like fat and stuff just change the recipe around to fit your diet. With that said, sorry she hads diabetes BUT it happens to people from ALL walks of life. Only reason the media is making a big deal about her and diabetes is because she is rich. For once I wish people when stop going bananas over her.