Diabetic Comma

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What is this? can It be prevented?
How does it happen, if it does happen to you what do you do?
Is it common among type 2 diabetes

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Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-11-28 18:02:17 -0600 Report

I was in a diabetic coma many years a go. My blood sugar was in the thousands. I was in ICU on an insulin drip…Debe

GabbyPA 2008-11-28 17:57:14 -0600 Report

The website that Amy posted www.healthyoutcomes.com, has some great videos on this. It goes over the causes of Hypo and Hyper glycemia and how to prevent those reactions.

Of course good control is always essential, but it is hard to know if a person is high or low if they are unconcious. So like AaronS said, call the paramedics. You can test to see what the meters tell you, and then act appropriately.

Hypoglycemia is when the sugar gets too low and is more common in Type 1 diabetics. Sometimes it can be caused by an incorrect dose of insulin or meal skipping.

Hyperglycemia is when the sugar is too high. When someone is unconcious from that it is harder to get down and immediate mediacal assistance is needed.

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