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I'd like to take some all natural supplements for my diabetes, but am confused on what to take:( I saw walmart has a Diabetes Nutrition daily pack.. Anyone know if they are good to take or not? Thanks

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Tony5657 2012-10-10 16:08:38 -0500 Report


I was EXACTLY in the same situation as you but I found a solution that's working for me. I wrote the following book review because my strictly following Dr. Ripich's book has changed my life (and my so called pre-diabetes) without prescription drugs. You might give it a try. By the way, he does NOT recommend any "store brand" vitamins & supplements & his book explains why. The short version is that many are mass produced cheaply with cheap ingredients and just simply go right through your body, unused. He recommends reputable brands that cost more, but are produced under very strict controls so they do work like they're supposed to. Here's my book review:

Dr. Ripich's "The 30 Day Diabetes Cure" is easy to read, understand and is fascinating. It cost me $57, shipping included. It’s a large book packed with valuable information & well worth the $57. When you buy the book, they also send you 9 special bonus PDF files of facts, recipes, etc.. The book contains all kinds of helps, vitamins & supplement recommendations that fight diabetes & reputable companies that manufacture them (NOT all vitamins & supplements are created so your body can actually use them. Some just pass on through, unused.), recipes, mental & physical suggestions to help us reduce stress and get in both mental & physical shape, etc., etc..

Dr. Stefan Ripich ND, CNP is both a Naturopathic Dr. (ND) - healing the natural way without prescription medicines AND a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) – also trained in traditional prescription medicine. He does recommend seeing your Dr. but since I’m “pre-diabetic” I’m trying this natural method without prescription drugs & it’s working.

Dr. Ripich believes in our body’s natural ability to heal, IF we do the correct things. He has a 30 day plan, with each day’s plan being a little different but building on the previous day’s plan. This approach gradually guides you in changing your lifestyle and eventually defeating or dramatically lessening diabetes. IF you continue his plan, you will see permanent and positive results. I have and it’s fun.

His co-writer & business guru, Jim Healthy (what a name!) are now sending me other emails trying to sell me other "helps." While those may be of value to some, I believe the "30 Day" book is all I need & well worth the $57. I choose to first thoroughly digest & do what his book says and go from there. So far it’s working for me.

You can order the book from Dr. Ripich’s site: I checked and Half Price Books and in both places the book was more expensive with no bonus reports. You get more for your money if you order it from Dr. Ripich’s site listed above.

By the way, I have absolutely NO financial interest in anything mentioned above.

I wish you the best in your fight. You can win…Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX

Nick1962 2012-10-10 12:10:01 -0500 Report

I'll second what pontufex wrote. See your doctor and find out first if you actually have any vitamin deficiencies you need to deal with. No sense spending money on a pack or multi-vitamin if all you're short of is vitamin D. I'm pretty anti-supplement, so I'd try to cover any deficiencies found with food if possible.
Plus I just found out that some liquid gel type capsules actually contain up to 15 carbs in just two pills, which can be half a meal if you're watching them. Worse if you're a T1.

pontufex 2012-10-10 11:40:13 -0500 Report

Your best bet is to talk to your healthcare provider about supplements. One has to be careful when taking over the counter vitamins and "natural supplements" because there could be a potential for drug interactions and adverse effects on your health.

Because of the diet I'm on (Lacto-Vegitarian) I take several vitamins to make up for what I lose thanks to not eating meat products, but I consulted my doctor and cardiologist before starting them to ensure I wasn't about to cause more harm than good.

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