Question About The Flu

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Did any of you guys see the remake of Steel Magnolias? It was on Lifetime Channel. What did you guys think of it?

So today, I went to the doctor. I should say "yesterday," because it is midnight here. Anyway, I got a flu shot. Ugh! I hate it, because of the sore feeling on my arm. But I do have a question. What happens when we get the flu? Is it deadly? Believe me, I knew what that was like! But I was wondering what it's like having the flu with diabetes.

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DeanaG 2012-10-10 20:53:43 -0500 Report

Haven't had the flu in years, but last week came down with a nasty cold. Before becoming a diabetic I would have just went on with normal activities, but this cold has laid me out. My blood sugar has been totally wacky and all I want to do is lay in bed and sleep.

GabbyPA 2012-10-09 10:44:26 -0500 Report

The flu is not fun no matter who you are. So far, I have not had it as a diabetic, but there are somethings that we need to do differently.

When your doctor says rest, you need to do that.

Avoid any remedies that are loaded with sugars. Lots of OTC meds are filled with hidden sweet. Read labels carefully.

If you cannot keep stuff down, try clear broths and coconut water instead of Gatorade. They are low carb and can give you liquids and electrolytes you need.

Take your meds, but be mindful of your levels. They tend to rise during illness, but if you are not eating much, you could drop low if you take insulin. So just keep a very close eye on those things.

Make sure there is someone to help you. Family, a close friend. Anyone to keep tabs on how you are doing and what you might need.

Can it be deadly. Yes. Usually for those who have compromised health already. So the more you can do to keep healthy before flu season, the better your chances are that it will just be an inconvenience and not a medical emergency.