My night time readings have been horrible..

By melissa5786 Latest Reply 2012-10-19 08:46:41 -0500
Started 2012-10-07 20:19:14 -0500

I'm just so frustrated! It's driving me crazy!!!!

My numbers can be great all day and then my nightly readings can range from 185-240. The agonizing thing is; I don't know why! I portion and count carbs at every meal amd I'm moderatly active all day. I could go to the gym more.. I am lacking there.

I'm just so disappointed in myself :(


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HeidiLynne 2012-10-19 08:46:41 -0500 Report

I have had the same problem! I was using 70/30 insulin. I was in a diabetic study for 5
weeks, they had me on Lantus a 24 hr insulin which worked better for me and started eating
@ 5 pm. One of my problems was portion control! I use smaller plates now.

melissa5786 2012-10-08 10:40:06 -0500 Report

I also cover myself with regular insulin if I'm high between meals. So, I really don't think it's insulin related.

melissa5786 2012-10-08 10:38:48 -0500 Report

I take 24 units of 70/30 in the AM and again before bed… It's just started recently, so I think it may be with the spacing of my meals. I'm going to try having dinner at 5:00 instead of 6:00. If that.doesn't work I'll speak to when I see him next week.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-10-08 10:34:48 -0500 Report

I agree with Harlen, if you're on long lasting insulin this would be the one you need to increase. Talk to your diabetic educator about this!

Harlen 2012-10-08 08:22:44 -0500 Report

Dont be we all fight the fight
You may need to up your insulin on your last meal ??
You may find that you can eat a high fiber meal at night and that may help you keep your #s better .
Best wishes

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