A poem I wrote and would like to share with you all! =0)

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The Faces…

Diabetes has so many faces
To each one it's own name.
Whichever way we aquired it
We're all people just the same!

I know one of these faces
For each morning in the mirror I see.
The reflection of my own true self
Always looking back at me!

Some faces belong to those we love
Grandparents, fathers and mothers.
Aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings,
Even sons and daughters.

The list of faces might include
Those of friends, firemen, and preachers.
Lawyers, bankers, factory workers
Congressmen and teachers.
Pilots, actors, actresses, waiters,
Sports stars, scuba divers,
Librarians, artists, scientists, mechanics,
And even health care providers.

Professors, college kids, astronauts,
The list goes on and on.
The many faces of daibetes today
Somehow touches everyone!

There are sadly faces on this list
Through nothing that they did.
But the face of diabetes that I dread most
is the one found on a kid!

So, to the millions of faces of Diabetes,
One thing we know for sure.
With all the new meds and research today,
We are racing towards a cure!

<3 <3 Hawk1962 <3 <3

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