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I am furious with my parents, i started with an unquenchable thirst in may 2011 ( i remember because it ruined my prom night ) , i told them something must be up because i shouldnt be this thirsty all the time and asked them to take me to the doctors.. But they told me it was just a teenage thing! Things went down hill from ther and a year later i was skinny and had no motivation .. Again i knew something was up but my parents just did not want to listen… Finally in september 2012 (last month) i got veery bad so i wrote a hand written letter saying i need to go because a 16 year old girl should not feel this way! I went and from there got sent straight to the hospital where i was diagnosed with type one. Thats over a year i was ill! Im glad i found it when i did before it got worse.. but i could have found out soo much earlier! Why didnt they listen! I love them but im so angry :( should i just want to yell at them but i know that would be wrong!

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cbelyea 2012-10-16 17:59:46 -0500 Report

Holy cow. I went through all of those symptoms and by day four the saliva in my mouth was almost as thick as play-doh. Day 5 I barely had enough energy to walk from one class to the next. I don't know how you survived over a year. Frankly, I mean that literally. Hats off to you.

samantha.d 2012-10-16 19:05:13 -0500 Report

I know it was really awful … Some days i didnt get outta bed till the afternoon… But was eating constantly.. I guess if i hadnt of been eating my blood sugars would have got dangerously low.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-10-07 07:43:40 -0500 Report

Hi Samantha I am sorry that this happened to you, I work with young children and always listen to what they have to say! Children don't lie and adults should listen to them! I have been a T1 now for a year and it's been really hard, glad you know now and DC will help you learn so much! I know because it helped me! Hugs!

brreona 2012-10-03 21:47:39 -0500 Report

I have been a type one for 5 and a half years I totally get you! I was 10 years old when it happened and recently started to struggle. I'm getting help now and I'm 15. I'm sorry that happened to you. :(

GabbyPA 2012-10-03 10:54:54 -0500 Report

First thing is that you have taken care of yourself and are on your way to help. That is remarkable for someone your age, and you should be very proud.

I totally get the anger at your parents part. They are supposed to protect you and care for you. The truth is, some parents don't know how to do it so great. I hope that what you have gone through has taught them that they need to listen to their brave daughter.

My folks were kind of the same way, and we never "over reacted" on things. It was right, most of the time, but there was one time when it went really wrong and I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and fluid around my heart. I think that was their wake up call. Like you, I never stopped loving them, and they make mistakes. Forgiveness is in order, that will help all of you move on from there and hopefully work together.

Parents sometimes are afraid to find out if their child is ill. To be honest, it scares them a lot. A whole lot, and like many of us, denial is easier than facing things sometimes. They are human and frail, like so many of us. You may just want to see what they were feeling.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-10-03 11:44:25 -0500 Report

Gabby, I agree there are times when parents should listen to their kids. Our neighbors niece had a baby who was born with bowed legs. The doctor told her what needed to be done to straighten them. She would not listen. My cousin told her about her daughter who had the same problem. She never listened. Her son could not go to school because she would not get him his shots. She didn't want him to feel the pain of the needle. Back then you could not opt out of not having shots for your child so there was no waiver to sign. Today her son is an adult and close to being morbidly over weight. Because she never got his legs fixed, this kid could barely walk. He has never played basketball, football, baseball or any other sport because as a child he could not run without tripping over his feet which are almost completely turned inward. On the other hand I have two cousins born with the same problem whose mothers got their legs fixed while babies. Today you don't know they were born this way.

This same woman has two daughters who were morbidly overweight by the time they were in 4th grade each of them had breathing problems and could not participate in any kind of sports. Today they have both lost some of the weight and are no longer morbidly over weight. They are now obese.

When parents don't listen to doctors or those who have had the problem and fixed it, they are doing a great injustice to their children. Hopefully Samantha will forgive her parents very soon. She has carried this anger too long. Her parents may be suffering also because had they listened she would have received treatment sooner. They need to sit down and talk about what happened and ask for forgiveness and heal this anger.

Harlen 2012-10-02 18:19:51 -0500 Report

I can see why you would be mad
Got to think why did they put it off ???
Good thing you pushed and sorry you have D .
Always stick to your gun where your health
Let it go and move on to take care of you
Best wishes

Zydecat 2012-10-02 15:38:04 -0500 Report

I totally understand. I was going to doctors for six years telling them there was something wrong but no one believed me. Finally, in 2006, my 170 fasting glucose was diagnosed by a nurse, not a doctor. If someone had listened when I was pre-diabetic, I would be a lot healthier now. I'm pissed too!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-10-02 13:06:24 -0500 Report

Hi Samantha, I am not a parent nor do I ever choose to be one. However, growing up with my parents wasn't always peachy cream. These are your parents. They are not perfect in any way any more than you are. The simple fact is they make mistakes. Every teenager on this earth goes through some sort of phase and these phases can make parents insane. Keep in mind your parents went through them. It is something we all did as teens.

Parents don't always listen when kids need them to listen the most. Six years ago on Christmas morning, we were going to my cousins house for dinner and mom who was being cared for by me was not cooperating in my helping her eat breakfast, and get washed and dressed so we could leave. We had a horrible argument. I would not give her what I had gotten her for Christmas. We left went and had a wonderful time with the family. That night as I was helping her get ready for bed, I sat down and told her how sorry I was and that I loved her more than anything and gave her the gifts. The hardest thing I had to do was forgive myself for how I treated her. I made up for it and the next year for Mothers Day bought her something very special. Samantha the second hardest thing I had to do was return that gift. Mom died four days before Mothers Day. The Christmas we had the fight was the last Christmas we shared but it turned out to be a happy day all around.

We don't know how long we will have our parents. Right now your parents could both be upset because they didn't listen and could be mad with themselves. They may be blaming themselves for what has happened with you. However, you have a tool that you can use to make things better. That is the tool of forgiveness. If something should happen to them while you wallow in your anger, you will live with this for the rest of your life.

Forgive your parents. Talk to them and tell them how you feel let them know it isn't there fault. You can develop diabetes at any time in your life but you can't blame anyone for that. Then do something special for them. No matter what they love you and you said you love them. Love is more powerful than anger and once you forgive them, forgive yourself for being angry. They were only doing what they thought was best. Anger is a huge weight for you to carry around as it can cause stress and depression and that is not good for a diabetic. Take care of yourself and go hug mom and dad.

Mrs.Sweet 2012-10-02 06:56:34 -0500 Report

I'm sorry you had to go though that. I'm a mom of 4 ages 15 to 4. I too have told my kids to " suck it up and stop whining". Back 5 years ago my oldest always said her foot hurt really bad. Even when she went to the Dr I never had her foot looked at. One day I had all her fussing I could take called the Dr and they had us go to a foot Dr for xrays. Turned out her foot was broken! I started crying and told the Dr what had been going on, he then laughed at me. Said he hears that ALL time! I beloved sometimes as we (moms and dads) are so busy sometimes we over look the big things thinking " O it's OK things will get beter". As I too could have found my diabetes faster ( not 8 months after having it) if I had just gone to the Dr when the signs started to show.

samantha.d 2012-10-02 19:14:19 -0500 Report

Thank you for the reply i do think that with my parents always being busy it was over looked a bit thanks :)

eristar 2012-10-02 06:24:34 -0500 Report

Good morning, Samantha! I can totally understand your feelings; you knew something was wrong, and nothing was being done to help. Perhaps your parents were in denial that anything serious could be wrong? Or could insurance, or lack of insurance, have been part of the delay? In any event, you are welcome to vent here on DC, and I'm glad you have now been properly diagnosed and are on the way to better health and feeling well again. Take care!

Tony5657 2012-10-02 06:19:01 -0500 Report

Dear Samantha,

Please carefully read my suggestions and give them a try. I've learned they do work.

Your mind is a tool you can choose to use any way you wish. Don’t think that your mind is in control. You are in control of your mind. You can use & retrain your mind to ignore the uncomfortable, negative situations that will often be present. If you don’t, you are letting the negative situations control your mind and eventually control you. That will lead you into more negative situations like depression, resentment, anger, revenge, illness, etc., which only worsens your thinking and your situation. Forgive, forget and move on to a happier situation. You can do it.

Your forgiveness will be a very important step here. My father told me “Raising children is difficult & I’ve made mistakes. Parenting involves constant learning, trying things and often re-learning. By the time I finally learned how to raise you, you were grown.”

Parents do make mistakes and we often beat ourselves up mentally for years because of what we did, said or did not do or say. Your parents made a mistake & they can’t change that. Please don’t let their mistake imprison you, and them, by your filling yourself with anger and unforgiveness. Those powerful emotions actually put you in a negative maze and the deeper you get into it, the harder it is to get out. You may be justified in reacting that way but it doesn’t matter. What has happened, happened and you can’t change it BUT you can change your future with active love and forgiveness for your parents. Staying in that negative maze is a killer, for you and for your parents.

Your active love and forgiveness will create a positive outflow to your parents and that outflow WILL return to you. When that happens, all of you will benefit because you will have escaped the negative prison (maze) that anger and unforgiveness places you and your parents in.

Again, you can do it. When you do, I promise you that all of you will experience the joy and freedom that awaits you. All of you will experience an enormous release and be blessed. It's up to you.

Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-10-02 13:22:44 -0500 Report

Tony you articulated this very well and it is by far the best response I have read today. Life is short and you can't walk around in anger because to focus on it means you miss out on happier times and beautiful days.

My mom and her sisters had a spat that caused them to split. One aunt wanted them to sell the family home so she could get her money. Four would not sell so my sister took out a loan to pay her off. For ten years the family was divided. When one of them died, they finally came together. The aunt who caused the problem went to each one of her sisters and hugged them and told them she was sorry. She said she was glad she had visited the one who died and asked her to forgive her and she did. From then on she would call all of her sisters. Today she is the only aunt I have left and she makes a point to call all of us all the time.

Forgiveness is a powerful too and saying I am sorry is just as powerful. What your father told you is true. I know there were times I put my parents through hell. I never got into trouble or did drugs or drank but I just was a dumb kid. Through it all they loved me and I didn't realize that until I got older. I hope Samantha makes amends with her anger and with her parents. They are going to love her no matter what.

Nick1962 2012-10-02 07:54:01 -0500 Report

Tony, this has got to be one of the smartest things I've read here on DC.
Samantha - he's absolutely right.

Tony5657 2012-10-02 08:45:26 -0500 Report

You greatly encourage me. Thanks, but honestly, I've also posted some really dumb things. I could give you a name of reference to my "dumbness" but that person would probably have to kill me. LOL (I hope that person is laughing!) Hey, "stupid is as stupid does" and I sort of come and go, back and forth. :o)

Have a good one dude! …Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-10-02 13:10:21 -0500 Report

Tony, I think in life we do and say dumb things. It is part of being human. However, irregardless if they were dumb, stupid or intelligent, your articulation is great.

Nick1962 2012-10-02 10:59:11 -0500 Report

Well, that kind of proves the point then Tony. Young or old, we all have our moments of stardom and stupidity.

Proud Army Mom
Proud Army Mom 2012-10-02 07:33:56 -0500 Report

Tony - this really resonates with me, and you did a beautiful job articulating it - you might enjoy the works of Abraham-Hicks as its primary focus is Law of Attraction and, ultimately, allowing the wholeness of who we really are (ones that love and stay focused and positive).

Tony5657 2012-10-02 08:48:31 -0500 Report

WOW Army Mom,
Thanks for that link. Looks like I'll spend waaaaay too much time poking around in that site. Looks like I can find lots of nuggets worth keeping in there.
Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX

mystikfairy61 2012-10-02 02:43:29 -0500 Report

Samantha, it is totally OK to be angry with your parents. And so unfair that they didn't listen to you or believe what you were telling them. I know you want to yell at them for not listening, but if the truth be known they are probably being pretty hard on themselves when they found out you were really sick. It will take some time to get over being upset at them, but at least they finally did listen to you and take you to the doctor. And I am so glad that it wasn't any worse!! Take care of yourself and learn all you can about diabetes.