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What are some food that us diabetics can eat, for someone who dose not like vegetables? Speaking of them, they are coming to my church. They are going to sing, and dance! Hahahahaha! Veggie Tales. I am not going though, because it's a children's show.

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awakening2health 2012-10-03 16:14:10 -0500 Report

tastes change. "liking" a food is a very complex issue with many dimensions. Having a positive regard for the healing properties of vegetables may well change one's sense of what tastes good… maybe you should go to the children's show!

jayabee52 2012-09-30 22:12:23 -0500 Report

my girlfriend who has recently been Dx'd as type 2 hates veggies. (They're not my first choice either as food)

The only thing that she tolerates is Sauerkraut.

I have however been encouraging her to eat veggies. Last night she got a couple spoonfuls of mixed veggies (green beans, carrots, corn) which she successfully ate by following it immediately with a piece of hamburger pattie.

Tonight we had pork chops smothered in Sauerkraut.

granniesophie 2012-10-02 16:03:34 -0500 Report

Oh James-I didn't know Suzie has become a Type 2. I'm so sorry. But she has you to guide her, and you are so wise. Have you tried raw veggies with dip? Some folks tolerate raw better than cooked because of the texture and crunch. Just a thought…

jayabee52 2012-10-02 18:14:50 -0500 Report

thanks sophie. I have not tried her with raw & dip yet. Just asked her and she said she could try celery, perhaps.

Kirla 2012-09-30 12:03:28 -0500 Report

I don’t care much for vegetables either but force myself to eat them. I now mix them with my low carb bean dip I make using chana dal. Taste a lot better now.

Most meat will not spike your blood sugar much. Chicken, turkey and fish is best. Small serving of beef or pork once in awhile is ok also. I also eat one serving a day of peanuts, sunflower seeds and either one serving of almonds or walnuts. I eat the seeds for a midmorning snack. Peanuts with my lunch. The almonds or walnuts for a snack at night.

I found that foods containing less than 5-6 net carbs per serving don’t spike my blood sugar much.