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This is a common problem with most diabetics, but very frustrating. And people who have never dealt with this, frankly, don't know what is happening to them. I just want to reassure you; that it is alright, I know it is hard to deal with, just let your family know,And if he is not aware of it let him know, and tell him you understand and will try to help him like I did with Jim did, and they will know to expect it. And know that is a problem that we as family members will understand. Give you some leeway; My husband has the most mellow personality and love in his heart and to see him fly off is horrible for him and me.

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With the holidays past and some of the sugars getting higher and jumping up and down, plus the long winter days ahead; chances are you will be dealing with mood swings. THis is a part of diabetes as well as everyday life. Try to stay healthy and see a therapist if you need to. I am only saying this because I have gotten some private messages from a couple of friends on this site the last few days from friends who are deeply depressed, and I am very worried about them. Claudia

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I did not know diabetes made you have mood swings. That helps me to understand why my mood has been so up and mostly down the last 5 years. I have had bipolar 2 for a long time and the med's had it under control. And then it whit bad agen. Cara

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I didn't realize for some time the effect that having diabetes had on my moods and disposition. It is very frustrating to see yourself behaving irrationally or being overly sensitive, etc. It increases that feeling of losing control that many diabetics already experience. There are ways to deal with it, however, like prayer and meditation, in addition to any meds your physician might feel would be helpful. You definitely need to discuss your situation with your doctor and with your family. Your family needs to understand and they need to support you as you strive to get it under control. Don't give up, whatever you do. You can be better.

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I definitely know what you mean, and it is a day to day process; you never know when your mood is going to change. It is so hard to deal with, but life goes on. And as it does, we learn more and more, how to deal with it and take on more.; thanks for being there, Di, luv:->)Claudia

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