It's that time of year again!

By Lizardfan Latest Reply 2012-09-29 16:54:46 -0500
Started 2012-09-27 18:05:49 -0500

I got my flu shot on Tuesday, have you had yours? Keeping healthy and getting ready for flu season. Take care my friends!

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red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-09-29 16:54:46 -0500 Report

Have a dr appt Monday with endo and he'll probably give it to me if it's time:) My entire family gets one due to my health issues.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-27 20:27:30 -0500 Report

No my doctor will not give me one because I have not had the flu since I was in the second grade back in the early 1960's. It is strange, everyone I know gets the flu but me. My sister has not had it since she was real young. Her doctor won't give her one either. My doctor said I may be immune to it.

Mrs.Sweet 2012-09-27 18:26:36 -0500 Report

Yes my Dr didn't give me a choice

jayabee52 2012-09-27 18:51:24 -0500 Report

I have refused to take them for about 3 years now. If you have strong enough objections to the vaccines the Dr could note it in your medical chart as refused Against Medical Advice (AMA) and your Dr's tail would be covered.

I refuse to take the vaccines due it having Thimerisol (the preserving agent) which contains mercury. I am sick enough that I don't need the additional stress on my system which mercury would place on it.

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