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hillside lady
By hillside lady Latest Reply 2012-09-30 04:31:22 -0500
Started 2012-09-25 14:53:26 -0500

i need my friends my one friend thank you for returning my emiail love you i will be praying for you. the rest of all i will pray for you even tho yall are not showing me no love.

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red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-09-29 17:35:11 -0500 Report

Hello, sorry you are feeling left out? Are you asking something specific you need an answer to? I'll try to answer it if so. Is it that you feel your not getting enough responses on your posts, or friend requests? I might add that your last line will not inspire people to join in as most don't like to be guilted into doing so:) Be patient, and you'll see the responses start to roll in as not every discussion gets replies, or alot of replies, but some just seem to take off.

mystikfairy61 2012-09-27 00:10:47 -0500 Report

I have been extremely busy with my decision to lose weight, log my food and exercise daily, so I haven't been on here as much. I sent a friend request and will answer your posts, if I have something to say that will help in some way. I don't like to post just to be posting, but I am here and my inbox is always open. I am type 2 but my dad was a type 1 plus I am a nurse so I have some understanding of type 1. welcome to DC, we are all here to help.

Ms. DAT 2012-09-26 23:58:38 -0500 Report

Hi Hillside!

I know how you feel because when I post, I get very few responds to my posts!
I posted a few hours after I was struck in the top right side head with a blunt object when began to have side effects from it and only one person replied some time later. So I know as of today I too misspell word due to a slight deficit in translation, almost like having a mini stroke that affects the area of the brain that affects interpretation of words. I take time to read and reread.

Well I replied to an earlier post that I too sometimes misspell words or skip one at times when you expressed that you misspelled some words when talking about soda and sent you a friend request.

So whoever don't reply don't worry because there will bee a few who will reply whether you skip a word of not!

Real friends should know how to interpret what you mean to say!!
My mother had a stroke at 52 years being a T2 Diabetic post-op while recovering from surgery due to Cancer and people said that they could not understand her very well but my mother read every book in my library once or twice and ended up back in school on honor roll at that time.
Be encouraged anyway!

Anonymous 2012-09-26 22:55:22 -0500 Report

Not trying to be mean, but it is hard to read and understand your posts. Please, please use punctuation so we don't have to keep reading over the post to understand what you are saying. Don't worry about being correct when using it, just try. You will see we all make spelling and punctuation mistakes.

This might be the reason you are not getting responses?

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-28 10:12:23 -0500 Report

I must say that I agree with you. I don't think you are being mean. The problem is when you don't use punctuation, it changes the entire sentence and makes it confusing to read. The best thing to do in these situations is to ask the poster for clarification. We all make punctuation mistakes and we all misspell words. However, if the post is one long run on sentence, it clearly is confusing.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-09-29 17:39:33 -0500 Report

I have to agree with you, especially being one who can get easily confused or be having eye issues. But yes, we all make mistakes and makes me wish I was younger when I didn't make them when writing.

jayabee52 2012-09-30 04:31:22 -0500 Report

I have had those problems and I found that when I use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access DC there is a spell check function on both of them. So using those browsers rather than Internet Explorer 7 has reduced my typos greatly.

hillside lady
hillside lady 2012-09-26 23:04:34 -0500 Report

why be anonymous? You have that choice, but you don't want anyone else to know who you are. I know who you are. Thank you. p.s. I think I use all my punctuation this time.

jayabee52 2012-09-25 20:40:15 -0500 Report

Perhaps you don't understand how to use the site. I see you have accepted my friend request. I haven't heard back from you on email.

Please be patient hillside lady, Sometimes it takes folks a while to even learn you are here. give it a few days. My inbox is open if you wish to talk to someone. My prayers are with you also!


hillside lady
hillside lady 2012-09-26 07:54:04 -0500 Report

thank you so much i just need to talk to someone like me dt1 it is getting difficult to handle

jayabee52 2012-09-26 08:24:24 -0500 Report

I understand that. Might you wish to read about type 1 s and see how others with it deal with it. One way to clue in to posts which are by and about type 1s is to go to the tag list below the original posting and click on the tag you'd like to read about.

hillside lady
hillside lady 2012-09-26 08:32:59 -0500 Report

thanks were you dignose with dt 1 or dt2 i will keep you in my prayers you are still here for a reason so don't give up you haven't so far it looks like again i will be praying for you oh yeah on yesterday you mention to littlel carbs can cause hetic i just want to eat less carbs to keep my sugar down