Coronary Artery Disease - any success stories out there?

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At age 38 I had double heart bypass surgery. Now, at age 42, I am having issues with the same symptoms when I had my bypass. Tightness and pain in my arm and chest. Shortness of breath. After a trip to the emergency room and an all day stay in the hospital, it was determined I have no blockages. Instead, I have coronary artery disease that is choking off bloodflow to my heart.

I know exercise would be a big help. I have an arthritic back (which is a topic for another show altogether) that somewhat limits my ability to exercise. We did get a recumbent bike and I have started using that.

Any of you have some success stories I can lean on for hope? Doctor put me on Isosorbide (Imdur) and changed up my blood pressure meds. My symptoms are about gone, but I have zero energy and a few other side effects.

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