lost on 5th medication..still too high

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Was diagnosed with type II over a year ago, I had been on 5 different meds and still am getting counts way too high. My PA told me when I told her I was getting a bit concerned about the long term harm this is doing, told me she just did not want to start me on insulin, and a lot of Dr do not like to.This goes against things I have read about starting insulin sooner to prevent long term damage.
I was raised in a house where you did not question a Dr..so I am having a hard time of this…but I do not think fastings should be close to 300 every morning.
I have been to the nutritionist, so I am eating properly, and I am so scheduled, it is eat the same time, same thing every morning and lunch, and then supper is no red meat, veggies and measured amounts of long grain and brown rices…or something comparable.
I am just confused…after a year, I am really worse than I was when I diagnosed.
Any in put would be so appreciated

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mystikfairy61 2012-09-27 02:25:26 -0500 Report

Sounds like you are doing all you can to keep your diet under control. If your numbers persist, it may be time to look into changing to a doctor who will be a little more aggressive and proactive about treating your diabetes. I understand that a lot of doctors don't want to put a person on insulin but your beta cells in your pancreas may not be secreting enough insulin to keep your BG under control, hence the high numbers. Be persistent with them and if they don't make the changes in your treatment, shop around for another one.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-09-24 05:50:23 -0500 Report

Sounds like your diet is great, but numbers are still too high! I was diagnosed a T2 initially after a month and some extensive tests turned I was a T1 and insulin would be a must. I was diagnosed a year ago at 48 years! Have they run all these tests in you, peptide?

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-22 19:12:32 -0500 Report

Hi Carmanwife, have you seen an endo doctor? This is your health you are concerned with PLEASE question your doctor or ask to see another. I was raised the same way but I question my doctor at times like I am a prosecutor in court. He really liked the idea that I was taking control of my health and never failed to answer my questions. Your doctor works for you because you either pay her through insurance or out of pocket. It is your right to question your doctor about your health. Look at it this way, if you can ask questions of others, your doctor is no different. Please remember, NO one but you is going to get your blood glucose under control and NO one but you is going to be as concerned about your health as you are.

Brown rice has 44.8 grams of carbs per one cup and long grain has 35 grams per one cup and this is once it is cooked. I had rice for the first time in at least 3-4 months on Wednesday and I only ate 2 tablespoons. I rarely eat rice because of the carbs in it. It is okay to eat other foods as long as they do not have a drastic effect on your blood glucose. If you are eating other foods comparable to rice such as peas or corn they can raise your blood sugar because they are starchy veggies.

You may have to change what you are eating. As a type 2 I do not eat the same thing at the same time everyday. Who put you on the time schedule of when to eat? Also are you exercising? You have to exercise if you are diabetic. It doesn't mean you have to join a gym walk around your block several times, malls have early morning walkers who walk before the mall opens. Check with a mall near you. Go on you tube and find exercise videos.

Just because you are diabetic does not mean you have to eat the same food at the same time every day. I am always having to go to evening meetings so many times I eat later or earlier depending on the time of the meeting or if food will be served. I take a snack to keep me going until I can get home and eat. I eat when I feel hungry but because of my snacks between meals I might not eat lunch until 1pm and dinner at 7 it also depends on how active I am during the day. I also drink a lot of water during the day.

When I was first diagnosed I had high readings and my doctor would not put me on insulin because he wanted me to lower them with diet and exercise. I did it however, it took perseverance and determination. I cut out everything white and baked, broiled or grilled all my meats. I cut out processed foods and I was in control in 6 months. I never had to use insulin and today I am in better control.

Good Luck to you.

carmanwife 2012-09-22 21:30:03 -0500 Report

My dad was a pharmacist and mom is a retired RN, old school rn and I am an lpn..just went a long with the territory.
I have the endo. numbers all book marked, I guess maybe I am afraid of being a hypochondriac..when I know deep down, this is NOT going like is should go..and it totally frustrates me
I went through the nutrition program with the hospital and I measure all the wild rice and she is the one who set up my eating schedule…that and I am a bit ocd…lol..I never use to eat breakfast, so that took a lot of getting use too, no peas or corn, eat broccoli, kelp that kind of thing…and do not have any rice all the time…no potatoes, have been using no carb pasta occasionally, eat fish..
no baked things. I love to bake, so I do and send it to work with Keith.
Every so often, baby bananas for something sweet, no juice pop etc. I quit smoking a year and a half ago after 42 years, I am 56, I quit cold turkey.
Do not like bread etc…eat egg whites, so I have that down..
I have depression, have had since I was a teenager, and I am in charge of that and it is under control…but this diabetes thing…it is like fighting a big shadow, can see it is there, but it keeps moving..lol
Have another lab blood draw this next month, so like usual, I am going to take my log and show her what is going on…and if something does not happen, I am just going to have to go around her, and I do think the world of her, and go some place to get answers.
I am doing things right, and thank you so much for the in put..you have no idea how much you helped..but seems doing things right…at least for now is not working…I just need to get over old teaching from the parents and take control…
Thanks so much

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-22 22:42:02 -0500 Report

I think we were taught not to question doctors because in many communities and at certain periods of time, they were authoritarians. However, times have changed and with doctors making so many mistakes you have to question them.

I don't eat anything fried except on the one day I can have what ever I want. This is when I have my one piece of fried chicken and maybe 6 french fries and I am happy as a clam.

I eat beef, pork, chicken and fish when I have a taste for it. I must have my crab cakes and steamed crabs during the summer. My problem lies in dinner meetings where I don't have a choice in choosing the menu. Then I have to eat a forkful of something.

I didn't use to eat breakfast either but now I do. I eat lunch sometimes. I usually snack on veggies so I don't always want any other food and I do eat dinner and a snack. I use to buy cakes made with soy flour and milk and sugar free cookies and fruit pies from the Amish Market before it closed. I noticed that the soy cake had no effect on my blood sugar and neither does sourdough bread.

Diabetes can wear you out before you get it under control. Try having a boiled egg just before bed or some other protein before bed and see how your numbers are in the morning. I always try to eat something with protein in it before bed and my numbers are in my normal range in the morning. try to do something active after dinner then have a snack later.

With diabetes you have to be active, it helps keep you in control. I can eat what ever I want when I want it depending on where my numbers are. Every now and then I treat myself to one real cookie. I try not to have a lot of carbs with a meal. However, if I am more active during the day I eat more carbs.

Getting your numbers in control is hard work but you can't give up or lose hope. Stay positive and don't stress out over it. Stress can cause higher readings also.

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