Unreal 77 Unjunked candy

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no artificials no hydrogenateds, no corn syrups, no preservatives, no GMOs
all have at least 3 grams of fiber and a few grams of protein. So far I have tried the peanut butter cups, just one. They were not as good as Reese's, but good enough for me. they also have one that is like Snickers, one like Milky Way and one like M&Ms, I have yet to try them. I bought them for the family, one of each kind and will try a bit of theirs to see what the taste is like. Some have 5 grams of fiber! I know we can subtract that from the total carbs, so one of these I saw would have about 23 carbs for the entire bar. The peanut butter cups have only 18 carbs total in two of them. So for a once in a while snack, I think this sounds pretty good to me.

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