Is There Such a Thing as a Diabetes' Specialist

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Don't know this either; It is time I asked more pertinent questions, whether they or dumb or not.

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ancoto 2008-11-29 15:39:37 -0600 Report

There are but I find very hard to get an appointment with one. When I was pregnant I had a doctor who worked with high risk pregnancies but other wise I have been seeing a regular doctor.

2008-12-02 17:17:19 -0600 Report

There is a lot of really good advice here, and everyone seems interested in getting and giving advice. Thanks for everything you have offered. Luv:->)Claudia

Sparrow - 16557
Sparrow - 16557 2008-11-27 07:43:37 -0600 Report

Besides endocrinologists, there ARE actual "diabetologists". They are usually endocrinologists who ONLY treat diabetics. They aren't real common, though.

2008-11-27 05:08:13 -0600 Report

I see an endocronologist for other problems, and did not have any idea that he treats diabetes, too. I I just saw him a couple of weeks ago. Thanks

Richard157 2008-11-26 12:42:05 -0600 Report

An endocrinologist is a specialist on all the organs of the endocrine system. That includes the pancreas, thyroid, and pituitary glands and others too, I think. There are also a few diabetologists who specialize in diabetes alone but I have not found one in my area. I see a specialist in internal medicine. He has been my doctor for my diabetes for 31 years. He also serves me very well for all other nondiabetic problems too. When I started pumping my insurance required I see an endocrinologist every three months. That is when I started seeing one. So I have two doctors for diabetes. Lol!

kdroberts 2008-11-26 13:09:59 -0600 Report

Quite right. All endocrinologists should be reasonably versed in diabetes and treatment but not all will specialize in it.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2008-11-26 12:02:46 -0600 Report

For many years my primary care physician has handled it, but she recently referred me to an endocronogist when I had higher than usual readings and a very high A1c. I must say I am impressed with this new doctor and very glad I went. He's given me info I never had before and was very encouraging.

Bluebutterfly 2008-11-26 12:52:25 -0600 Report

I could have wrote that myself. That is exactly what happened to me. My Pcp took care of me for years and he sent me to an endocrinologist and I am totally empressed with him.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2008-11-26 12:58:14 -0600 Report

Unfortunately I knew the problem before I went. I had been a very bad girl over several months! I lead a very busy life, and I live alone, and this causes me to not always eat as I should (excuses, excuses). But my new doctor has helped me understand some new things and has given me an "out" if I feel I must cheat at times. He didn't ream me out, but was really very helpful. He did tell me that he was not giving me permission to go to all the holiday parties and "pig out". Only if someone had a gun to my head! I told him that COULD happen, of course! In any event, he's got a nice manner and plenty of good info, so I'm encouraged.

sparkysmom 2008-11-25 13:21:22 -0600 Report

My primary care specialises in diabetes. I just started with him for my diabetes and he has a whole team working with. I now have an educator (1st met is in Jan), a nutritionist (start Jan) and he says we can add as needed.

caspersmama 2008-11-29 17:42:18 -0600 Report

Mine is too. And he does pain management as well. I am very lucky to have found him. I just love his compassion and he is up to date on all the new stuff. He takes classes and goes to conferences all the time about both. His wife in the same office handles the female stuff and babies. They have a lab and an x ray dept too. Love that you do not have to go to another place. Only for MRIs and Mammograms. They do nerve tests and steroid injections for pain also. A one stop shopping like Wal Mart. LOL

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-11-25 12:11:58 -0600 Report

My diabetic specialist is an endocrinalogist at the Joslin diabetic Center. I am sure all endocrinologist deal with diabetes and other ailments such as thyroid, kidney diease, renal diease etc. My nephrologist also deals with diabetics too…Debe

2008-11-25 13:02:26 -0600 Report

Thanks Debe! I really did not know that and a lot of the other posts I just made. I am making a effort to get the questions that are pertinent back. And so newcomers see them right away. I had disturbing answers to the newest people I invited. They all saw that it seemed like a place to whine, chat and get together with friends to simply converse about one another and not the illness. We need to open this site up again, especially the new posts, calls all you see is filled with emotions, on every site. Fun is fun, but to alimit.