A Family Member Needs Our Support!

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I received a message from one of our beloved family members, (judy makowski ) after I gave her a gift of flowers a few days ago.

Judy has been having a few health related issues, her message to me is posted below:

" You don't know know how much I needed that today. I just got out of the hospital. Went in last Tues ( a week ago) with an infected gallbladder. They took it out and then had to take the stone out. Then had to have an endoscopy to make sure the pouch was ok and it was to tight. Anyway it has been a horible week and to top it off I now have a life threatening blood infection . The dr. should never have released me from the hospital. We are trying to find someone to come to the house and give me the IV thereapy I have to have twice a day for at least the next 7 days. It has been treated for 8 days already. They put a pik line in the hospital because I don't hahve any good veins and took it out. The day after I got out I had to go and have another one put in. It has been an extremly difficult week and doesn't seem there will be any let u for a while. Please bear with me as I try to recover. I was trying to post this on the discussion board but didn't know how. Thanks again ays"


If you can, please drop her a line or two, send a hug, some flowers, let her know that she is missed as well as loved, after all she is a member of this wonderful, "DC" family!

I posted this for her, just as i would post the same for anyone here at D.C.
I believe that we can help make dealing with life's issues a little bit easier when we offer each other support.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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