Embarrassing farts!

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Started 2012-09-14 16:43:06 -0500

Hello everyone! Recently diagnosed type one and Ever since iv started taking insulin i have been doing LOTS of smelly farts… I was wondering if this could be my body getting used to insulin or something like that? Does anyone else have this problem or know if its related to diabetes at all??

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Kalisiin 2015-06-30 08:08:31 -0500 Report

I don't know about insulin, but I know that MEtformin is…shall we say…INCREDIBLE FART FUEL!!

If you are on Metformin, this could be a source of your flatulence.

Ms. DAT 2012-10-16 19:46:04 -0500 Report

I haven'to heard if Diabetes is related to flatus however I do know that some foods can produce a lot of discomfort and cause a bloated gasey feeling. Foods such as broccholi, cabbage,milk and some chocolates esp sugar free. I once ate`a whole bag of sugar-free turtles just to satisfy the chocolate taste in my mouth but I got real gasey and couldn't hold the flatus so I headed for the bathroom real quick no longer do I EAT THAT.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-09-15 14:31:49 -0500 Report

I have been using insulins since a young age, and have to say that it is from the food you are eating and how your body is breaking it down. We all have that happen from time to time, but if this just started, then ask your dr. Always a possibility that the medicine you take is an issue?

MAYS 2012-09-14 19:00:13 -0500 Report

Not the diabetes itself, but rather the foods that you are eating and how your body is metabolizing these foods, this process may be the cause of your flatulence.

James is correct when he states that it's your intestinal flora.




If you examine your eating habits (what you eat) and adjust it accordingly, you may see a change in your issue with flatulence.

Type1Lou 2012-09-14 18:13:46 -0500 Report

If you are eating foods sweetened with sugar-alcohols instead of sugar, they can cause serious intestinal disruption. Many so-called "diabetic friendly" foods are sweetened with sugar alcohols: sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, maltitol…watch for any ingredient ending in "ol".

samantha.d 2012-09-14 19:04:54 -0500 Report

Thank you :)

Type1Lou 2012-09-15 09:52:48 -0500 Report

Dear Samatha,
I learned that in my early days with diabetes (late 1970's). I love chocolate and my Mom would buy me a pound of sugar-free chocolates at the local candy store. Well, it didn't take long to discover that they gave me lots of gas…not pleasant for me or the people around me. Now, instead of eating a "sugar-free" candy, I take a square of good quality dark chocolate (Dove or Lindt or Ghiradelli) and heap a spoonful of all natural peanut butter (Smucker's Natural) on top of it as an indulgence. It's only around 7 or 8 grams of carb and satisfies that sweet craving and I love the taste over any commercial PB cup. We develop our coping mechanisms to better manage our diabetes.

cbelyea 2012-10-16 18:09:27 -0500 Report

I almost laughed out loud when I caught this topic. Lou is spot on. For me, it was the pound of sugar-free gummy bears I was eating. In that case, it was indeed the sugar substitutes which were sugar alcohols. See Wiki:


As you'll see, they don't digest like sugars do, and as a result get "expedited" out of the body. Guess how…

jayabee52 2012-09-14 17:10:17 -0500 Report

I would GUESS that it would have more to do with your gut flora being out of balance. Have you been on antibiotics recently?

I had that problem a while ago. I smelled like I crawled up inside myself and died!

samantha.d 2012-09-14 19:42:34 -0500 Report

Haha thank you :) i was just worried i it was just me! Il ask my doctor about it too thanx!

jayabee52 2012-09-15 05:21:47 -0500 Report

unfortunately many Drs are not that well versed in nutrition, so they may not be much help.

nk54 2012-09-27 12:22:13 -0500 Report

Samantha, have you been to see a diabetic coach or nutritionist? Most areas have diabetic classes that your insurance should cover. You are able to ask lots of questions then.