Top 25 Diabetic Snacks

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Stomach grumbling or blood glucose a bit low?

Reach for one of our top 25 consumer-tasted and dietitian-approved snacks.

Diabetic Living's dietitians scoured the supermarkets to find the most nutritious packaged snacks, and a panel of taste-testers (including people with diabetes) ranked the treats. From chips and dip to cookies and popcorn, see which snacks were awarded the Diabetic Living What to Eat Seal of Approval.

(If anything) What would you add to this list?


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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-11 20:09:18 -0500 Report

I read that list when it was on Facebook Page and thought, some of these snacks are not the best for diabetics. I am better off with a real cookie now and then.

Nick1962 2012-09-11 12:15:08 -0500 Report

I guess I’m a little shocked that most of these are being “recommended”. Many of them have little to no real nutritional value. In fact the Planter’s Chocolate Nut Mix has a whopping 13g of sugar in just a quarter cup. For me several of these “snacks” constitutes a whole meal worth of sugar and carbs. OK, I am pretty strict with my diet, but if this is what is being recommended for “snacks”, no wonder so many have BG’s out of control.

I’d add Jack Links Turkey Jerky – 3g. carbs, 3g. sugar and 15g. protein and only 80 calories.

Proud Army Mom
Proud Army Mom 2012-09-11 12:40:42 -0500 Report

Nick - I could not agree more - I was really pretty astonished by many of these…

So just out of curiosity what does everybody think of dried apricots? I love them but have always considered them (and really any dried fruit) to be too high in sugar…I think these have like 16 g. of carbs which is really too high for me - not sure where they fall on the GI - I need to check…they also tend to run high in calories - probably not a good snack if you have trouble stopping at just a few…

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-11 20:13:25 -0500 Report

I don't eat dried fruits, I prefer fresh. They can be high in sugar. With fresh fruits I can cut a slice or two to eat with a meal of some kind.

Nick1962 2012-09-11 13:38:11 -0500 Report

Yeah, most of this I consider junk food. Really makes me start to believe there is a conspiracy out there to keep us out of control.
Any dried fruit is a no for me. Not a big fan of fruit, but will always go for fresh.

Nick1962 2012-09-14 18:41:54 -0500 Report

Oh I'm with you there Tamara - give up control? Never! Well OK maybe once in a while if the coconut macadamia torte is on the dessert menu.
I was really dissilusioned by a lot of the diabetic websites when I was diagnosed. Most never seemed to go deep enough into getting and maintaining control and this article on diabeticlivingonline just seemed par for the course. Lots of flash but no real substance (or help).
Just noticed you're new around here. Welcome to the party and nice blog you got there!