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Monday thoughts
I just finished a mediation with a couple who are parting ways. Words to the wise: if you are dealing with issues prior to getting married don't feel obligated to get married just to save yourself from the embarrassment of canceling the wedding. Getting married will not make things better. Furthermore if you don't feel a person is husband or wife material why waste time. It's less stressful to cancel a wedding than to deal with angry person for lifetime.
I'm just saying…

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Just Joyce
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Nick, I agree with you 100%. I have a friend who had been married 3 times when I met her at work, 30 years ago. She is currently married to her 8th husband. Of the 8, two died and one was deported because he was wanted for a crime in his country. Another friend married a man who is in total control of her life. He is much older and the rudest person I have ever met. Yet another friend who has been married 3 times. Another who is still married to her husband of 40 years who cheats and leaves her whenever he gets the urge for another woman. Another friend who is still married to a man who did very little to help raise her son, thinks its funny to give her birthday, Christmas, Mothers day Gifts three days after the event and does nothing to help her around the house. He ignores her most of the time. I have a friend who just celebrated her 1 year anniversary to a man much older than her and I have never ever heard her say she loved the man. I have a male friend who divorced his wife, we dated for a while, he married someone we both knew he should not have married and now is the most miserable person I know.

Leopards do not change their spots, so why people think the person they are going to marry is going to change after they say I Do is beyond my realm of thought. There are people who marry simply because they fear being alone so they settle for someone no matter how horrible the person treats them. I refuse to marry anyone. I dated a guy for 10 years we were great together but I knew married we would never have made it. He liked hanging with his friends, and didn't understand my 10 minute late rule. If we are going out and you are over 10 minutes late and do not call, I will not be home when you arrive.

It is cheaper to cancel the wedding than to get a divorce. You may lose all the money put out for the wedding but that is far better to be married to someone and be miserable.