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By msann Latest Reply 2012-09-11 00:34:32 -0500
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hey guys just retired aug 31,2012 worked from 3pm to 11pm 5 days a week, ate last meal about 11:45pm each nite ,now i am trying to get on more normal eating pattern but getting sleepy and tired but i will get back to regular excercise this week and suggestions to help me along dont have to go to dr until nov thanks to all

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T1mama 2012-09-11 00:34:32 -0500 Report

I used to work a 'morning' schedule from 4am to 1230. This created havoc for my eating schedule and my doctors hated it. When I no longer worked that schedule I had to slowly change the times that I was eating until I got to a more normal schedule. For me, when I have a big change in my schedule I will usually end up in the hospital with DKA. So no matter what you have to do to get back on a better schedule, just be careful that you dont put your body through too much too fast. Good luck! :-)

doggier 2012-09-10 23:40:25 -0500 Report

Just take your time. Don't do everything at one time. That would put pressure on you. congrads!!!!!

Nick1962 2012-09-09 18:43:14 -0500 Report

Congrats! I guess like anything else, it's just another lifestyle change to adapt to. I went from multiple swing shifts with holidays to a straight 9-5/no weekends or holidays. It took me a good 3 years to develop a routine sleep habit. Can't tell you much that you don't already know, just watch the meter and act accordingly

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