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At my age, would neuropathy come and go? Last night, well… this morning, I should say since I went ot bed around midnight.. I went to bed, and I noticed my right foot acting up. My left foot was stinging. And it was on the top part. I don't kknow what that's called, but it's where you see your toes. Is it the top part of your heal? Sorry to ask. And why does your feet sweat? I noticed that this morning. Is that part of neuropathy as well?

I can't wait to get the results from my doctor about my blood work. I hope it's nothing serious. They said that I might be anaemic. If that's the case, then that's the price to pay to be a vegetarian. At least they do have pills for anaemia.

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Just Joyce
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My neuropathy comes and goes based on my sugar level. It only acts up when it spikes. I had it bad when I was diagnosed and my doctor said it would get better as my sugar level improved and he was correct. The feet, head and hands are almost like a thermometer for the body. You loose heat through all of them when the weather is cold. In the summer you can sweat that way also. The body is trying to regulate the core temperature.

I suffer from Iron Deficiency Anemia and have had it most of my life. Every now and then the doctor suggest taking an over the counter iron pill. I hate them so I try to eat foods rich in iron. I have several cousins who are total vegetarians and have never heard them say anything about being anemic. I guess it is all in the kinds of fruits and veggies you eat.