Weight Loss Maybe????

By Somoca Latest Reply 2012-09-18 19:25:26 -0500
Started 2012-09-07 15:08:52 -0500

SO the new teaching job requires that I UP and DOWN three flights of steps six times a day , five days a week, to get to my kids in the subjects I teach. Tack on the fact that I am eating light breakfast and light lunches and too darn tired to woof down alot of dinner. I am thinking that I should see maybe a dress size gone by maybe…October? Is that expecting too much?

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mystikfairy61 2012-09-18 01:30:41 -0500 Report

Just curious, are you eating at least 1200 calories a day. I have found that anything below that slows my metabolism and I am 51 and working on my weight.

Somoca 2012-09-18 19:25:26 -0500 Report

I'm not sure how many calories but today I two servings of dinner and I didn't have that "Oh No I ate too much" feeling.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-09-09 07:31:04 -0500 Report

Hey girlfriend, it's been a while! Oh no, you are right on track! Somoca although you're probably exhausted your daily exercise is implemented into your day, nice job! I can see you not only dropping a dress size, but you may also pull out this jeans we talked about before, just to see what happens! Let us know what happens!

Somoca 2012-09-09 08:54:32 -0500 Report

Set Apart, I am setting Oct 31st as my check in date for the black Jeans. I am hoping they will fit even better by then. My numbers have gone down-thats the really cool part. It will either be Trick or Treat, lolol.