A big red patch

By GrammieMags Latest Reply 2012-09-08 13:25:12 -0500
Started 2012-09-06 14:10:37 -0500

Hi all,

Last week I noticed a big red patch under my breast. Today it has moved up to the underside of my breast and spawned a few red spots.

I looked up metformin rash and the pictures and discriptions did not match what I have. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

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nanaellen 2012-09-08 13:25:12 -0500 Report

Hi, Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in…I get those rashes ALL THE TIME! If the cream doesn't work there is a powder that you can get from your Dr. called nystatin or Nystop it has an antibiotic in it and it's the best thing I've found. Are you heavy busted? That's what my problem is. Being heavy busted especially in the heat causes you to sweat under the breast it almost is like a chemical burn. The best way to treat it is to keep it DRY. My Dr. suggested that after a shower or bath taking a hair dryer on cool and making sure it is dry. I've even rolled up a clean washcloth and stuck it inside the underneath of my bra to absorb the moisture and it helps emmenseley!! Good luck to you!! Your friend, Ellen :)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-07 17:36:26 -0500 Report

From what I have read on shingles it is painful and has a burning sensation. It is also a part of the Chicken Pox Virus and people who have had chicken pox can get it. I just saw a sign at Walgreens (I think that was the store) Vaccination shots for shingles is $200 dollars. I don't know if they are covered by insurance.

GrammieMags 2012-09-07 17:06:01 -0500 Report

After asking you all and searching on the net to determine it wasn't shingles, I did call the phone nurse. She said it sounded like a yeast dermatitis, and it is. Doctor prescribed the creams.

Thank goodness it isn't shingles!

Thanks all.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-07 12:44:17 -0500 Report

This calls for a consult with your doctor. They would know what it is. I use to get rashes all the time from heat. I used baby powder with cornstarch. I also use to get rashes that was caused by the detergent I used to wash clothing. I now only use one brand cost more but I would rather pay more money than to scratch.

ShellyLargent 2012-09-07 08:16:50 -0500 Report

Has it been hot and humid where you're at? It could be just a heat rash. I would show your doctor and see what he says.

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