daily activities with insulin as your treatment of choice - what are the options?

Jeanette Terry
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I am just curious how your treament plan fits into your daily activities? I have been using a pump for 13 years so I am not very familiar with other types of treatment.

So here are the questions I have been wondering about:
- for those just using Lantus how did that fit into your daily activities and what was your experience starting it?

-for those using fast acting or long acting insulin when do you generally inject during the day?

-Do any of you use mixed insulin (70/30 etc.)? If so when during the day to you take that and how is it different than the others?

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Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2012-09-06 10:50:08 -0500 Report

I need to use both fast acting(Apidra) and Lantus as my long acting insulin. I take 10 units of the fast with breakfast and another 10 with my dinner, I take 40 units of Lantus morning and night, worked with a CDE to come up with the right dose of both for my lifestyle, adjusted my daily activities to fit the best schedule for proper use of the insulin. As far as having to take the insulin I prefer it to the oral meds I was taking, for the record am a type 2, was diagnosed about 10 years ago and have been on the insulin for about 18 months.

AuntieBear 2012-09-06 04:10:23 -0500 Report

I take Lantus, Byetta and Metformin. The Lantus is easy to work into my schedule because I take it just before bedtime. The Byetta and Metformin are a pain in the butt to work into my schedule. I have to take the Byetta twice a day one hour before a meal which I have a hard time scheduling. I take Metformin three times a day which is easier than the Byetta because I don't have to time it so strictly (plus I just pop a pill with lots of water and I'm good to go). I need to find a better way to time my Byetta doses, but so far I am still working at it. Hope this helps your answers.

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