Dogs for Diabetics

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Has any one heard the news lately about special dogs who are trained to respond to high or low blood sugars?

I believe the news reporter said that these special dogs cost about $20,000 dollars but it is worth for Diabetics who experience severely high or low blood sugars. I thought, "Wow"! this is good news for Diabetics

Is there anyone within the DC family have one of these special dogs or do you know anyone who has one?

Please share?

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Ms. DAT 2012-09-11 00:42:34 -0500 Report

Thanks that is really touching to know that the dog connected to you and saved your life as well as being able to stay in touch with her new owners.

I had one a while ago and I know that they are very smart dogs cause that dog would sit in my lap as I had to also take him to another adopted family and when I went to visit, the dog would sit in my lap and barked at others who came near.!!!
You know on second thought I was diabetic then and maybe that chihuahua knew when my blood sugar was high,um, I never thought about it until know!!!

2manypricks 2012-09-11 00:25:24 -0500 Report

I had adopted a long haired chihuahua from our local pound. And what made me choose her was ever time i passed by this dog would wave at me. I said thats the one! Upon taking her home she would forever wake me up at odd hours of the night. Sometimes 230 AM 3 and even around 4Am. She would come to my bed and scratch at my bed until i woke up. Thinking she had to go outside to potty id open the door and she would walk back into my room. Id go back to bed to find her doing this again. I remember saying to myself what is this dog trying to tell me? So i checked my sugar and it was 67 the lowest i remember it being was 52 she saved my life many times. I would have slipped into a coma for sure.

Well sad to say i had to get rid of her due to us losing the house we had and had to move to an apt that did not allow a dog. This was the hardest thing i had to do. Im crying as i write this:/ Well she has a great life and the new owner forward me emails every so often. Its amazing how animals are connected with us. Just thought id share xoxo
I love you my Mya girl!!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-09-05 18:24:10 -0500 Report

I don't have one and don't know anyone with one. I visited this and in their FAQ's they ship dogs all over the country and the cost is based on the kind of dog you request. I visited Dogs4Diabetes and they have a rigorous process but you have to live in Central or Northern California within 3 hours drive of their location as part of the qualification process.

What got me with D4D, only the applicant can fill out the application and the applicant must be at least 12 years old at the time the application is completed. A spouse, care provider or parent cannot fill out the application. A child can complete the application however a business or private party cannot enter into a contract with anyone under 18 years old. Both sites said the person has to be insulin dependent D4D said the person has to have been on insulin for at least a year.

We had this discussion on here a few months back but I don't remember if anyone said they had a dog.