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Hi all. I'm a week and a half from receiving my medication. The antibiotics are done and I am feeling a ton better.

Every day I have increased my food intake.

Remembering that I shouldn't eat cow's milk because of the why - I bought goat's milk and almond milk. It was strange drinking a milk after 11 years of not drinking any! I think it worked! I had the energy I needed for the last half of the day.

The almond milk isn't as fun. It seems watered down. It also has half the protein and carbs of goat's milk.

I use the almond milk on my cereal with a light touch of white stevia powder. That tastes good, so I will be able to use up the whole 2 quarts.

I still need to rest, meditate, and sleep for over half of 24 hours. Yet when I am up and working I can do it. It is nice to see a light at the end of my tunnel.

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