Newbie one week in on the medication

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On Aug 23 I had my first diabetes appointment with the doctor.

And for most of August I have entertained a virus infection and a bacterial infection. Of course they did not want to say it was bacterial so I had to be out of it for almost two weeks to prove it.

On Thursday I received the antibiotic and the diabetic medicine (metformin). I am better, but I am also at minimal health.

For a few months now I have been tired of the food I cook, don't want to eat it, and now it is worse. I can not chew or bite with my dentures, so my tongue does all the work, and it is tired!

I can't even think of new ways to cook. I'm tired of all the meats. I'm tired of preparing the food. I know I like my vegetables and I just didn't want to eat them.
During the illness my food intake decreased down to half of my normal portions. They weren't big to begin with. Kool-aid was too sweet and 7-up tasted spoiled.

For the first time in years the tap water did not upset my stomach, so that was all I drank. (I lost 8 pounds!) Now it is the water and a glass or two of homemade lemonaid.

So, have you gathered that I am just plain tired?

My mood has flatlined. It would be very easy to be discouraged. I want a wife!

The doctor told me over the phone that the results were definitely diabeties. That took my mood down even more, wondering how I was going to live with it when I couldn't make many changes to what I was eating - and I didn't want to eat that!

When I left the pharmacy with the medication I started to feel better. I could not do it just with food - I had help.


Now, a week later, I am better. The infections have broken and are clearing up.

For the last 3 decades I thought I had panic attacks. Yet, other people's reports on what a panic attack is didn't jibe with my experience. Now I'm treating the 'attacks' as hypoglycemic attacks. It that is what my 'spells' are, then wow. That sounds as if I had diabetes all this time and kept it in control until now.

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