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Started 2008-11-24 11:48:27 -0600

Did that get your attention? I just want to say that I have been on this site since early this morning and I am going to get on with my day now. All the posts I have read and replied to this morning have been great and thought provoking. and I hope in some way I have been helpful. But I love you all but I need to do other things. I will be back. So please everyone have a great afternoon and remember to make smart choices and drink your fluids. Bye for now.

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midget 2008-11-24 15:14:21 -0600 Report

i check the site maybe twice a day, morning and at nite and i spend the rest of the day working or hanging with my friends or house cleaning or whatever has to be done.

2008-11-24 14:13:08 -0600 Report

I check in here several times a day. I enjoy checking out the discussions, whether I reply to them or not. I have also gotten some very useful info from here. I still have things on this site I want to look at, such as the recipes, and other topics of discussions, some videos I have yet looked at, etc.

NormaJean 2008-11-24 16:32:10 -0600 Report

Am on here practically all day when am not working,it helps take the blues away and makes the day go by faster.
When it's cold I stay indoors because of my asthma ,I enjoy reading the info posted,am always looking for new recipes,sharing my thoughts…it's like a new world for me…lol

2008-11-24 16:47:56 -0600 Report

The reason I check in so many times a day is basically the same reason. I am inside alot and this passes the time. It is also a great help for me in the evening, because it helps to keep me from eating!!!

caspersmama 2008-11-24 13:29:56 -0600 Report

Could not stay gone for long. I started some laundry, had lunch and walked the dog in the rain. I even played some Mahjong online. Now I am back to see what I missed. LOL

2008-11-24 11:57:49 -0600 Report

Unlike you today; I feel I have to stay; maybe I don't feel that feeling of self-satisfaction yet. But; I know I have other things to do; so maybe I should follow suit. Thanks for everything; you have been a real help to me today. Claudia

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