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Hello DC family; I wanted to apologize for not being online this past month or so but I've been extremely busy regarding my little expecting bundle of joy & so I wanted to share with you my latest updates: 1) We're going to have a baby girl, 2) Her full name will be Briana Mae Putman with her nickname dubbed Bree, 3) She'll be arriving in this world on October 2nd, 4) we've officially moved from our apartment in Killeen Texas where it was so much negativity, chaos, and hostility going on as well as having our safety, peace of mind, respect and secruity threatened, & finally 5) We've moved into a much better place via a huge 2 bedroom apt in Corsicana TX where she'll be able to play in the playground provided on the grounds and so much more. Since I've just moved in on August 3rd, it's going to take me a bit longer to get everything organized but rest assured I intend to update everything, see an OB/GYN for my appts as well as a family doctor for my Type II diabetes & Shaun's side of the family will be able to help me out planning a baby shower and other expenses that comes with having your first child (I'm also involved in programs where they can help you with your finances as well as send you coupons for diapers & wipes, which quite frankly can become very expensive later on down the line). My fiance's also willing to support us by finding a part time job to help with the bills; it's great that he's in her life and that we're going to give it as much loving attention as she needs it…unconditional love and support 24/7! To all of my friends here at DC, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you've done for me & Shaun; your benevolent support, happiness, appreciation and incomparable frienndship during this difficult but joyous occassion for me has given me so much to be thankful and grateful for; love can be measured in so many ways but to me, your selfless contributions and adoration for what I'm going through is both immeasurable & indescribable! Take care and God bless :)

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Howdy Aldora. CONGRATULATIONS on your GREAT News!

Praying God's richest blessings on you and yours!

James Baker

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