Long time diabetic

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I'm not exactly motivated about testing bloods etc…at times I find it a nuisance but…getting there :)

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annesmith 2012-08-29 02:19:26 -0500 Report

Yeah..I know what you mean. I have been a long time diabetic, and it really can be a nuisance at times to get motivated to take the blood sugar. I have improved on it , did not want to take it earlier tonight, but forced myself—I feel much better as a person for taking it..I feel better about myself. I find it is very very easy to say to myself " You went for your walk and run again, it'll all be alright." I have a tendency to lean on that a lot, but, I have learned that, no matter how irritating it seems to take the blood sugar, to do it no matter what. I used to, if I got a "normal" reading, not take it for days, even weeks later. I no longer do that. I used to listen a little bit too much to the wrong people, who were my supposed friends…I did a little " housecleaning" in that arena, and am so darned glad I did it. I used to know a guy, turns out he has a big big big reputation for hassling diabetics..he'd say to me " If you get a reading of 90 or 99 at all, even once in a blue moon, you are not diabetic…doesn't matter if you get a lot of readings of 200, 300, 500. " I got tired of it …ha…I just make sure I take it everyday now, even if it's only once a day…Anne

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