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Saw the last gi doc, he looked at me,admitted me to hospital right away. Still tuff, even in hospital. Last night was best night in long time. Before i was partially hallucinating,40 hours no sleep, no food, iv inly. Been a long rd. We almost had to call ambulance on way to appointment,stuck in traffic. I am on liqid diet, some medz, dilaudid if i want it. Nutritionist. Lots of shots,but beeing weekend, i have no doc willing to treat my ear infection, so i can take dilaudid, but i took it first night and i was n as useaus and retching and pacing.
Lots to learn. Diabetic doc is trying to come up with numbers. I hate hospitals but i think i have to be on a step up system. I am stillso weak. Thelast 8 dayswere filledwereith terrible. Notgood internet inmy room.

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CJ55 2012-08-26 22:45:51 -0500 Report

Get well soon!!! Watch the Dilaudid.. very very addictive. Believe me, I found out the hard way. Will keep you in my prayers. CJ

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