I am Having a Bad Day/Seems more Like Bad Year

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deleted as useless; lilmarm

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vgarrison 2008-11-24 11:06:43 -0600 Report

There are times when I feel like that, and it's not always brought on by high or low numbers, its just a part of human life…someone says something that rubs us the wrong way, or our words get twisted in ways we didn't mean, or we feel we hurt someone…there are just times I feel, for lack of better words "blah"…

I hope the "mood" doesn't stick around long for you, it can just drag or feel like it does…


2008-11-24 12:53:17 -0600 Report

Thankyou and you are so right, once again, good advice; I really do appreciate it. And I will try hard to shrug it off, and change the rest of my day. :->)lilmarm52

caspersmama 2008-11-24 10:53:54 -0600 Report

I am sorry you are feeling this way. Why don't you take a step back? Go play a game on the computer there are many free sites. Pogo is one. It will get your mind off of things. Or burn a great smelling candle and read a book or some kind of craft. I enjoy cleaning and straightening out closets and drawers. If you have pets, take them for a long walk if you are able. Have you checked your sugars? Are they high? I know when my sugars are high I feel more depressed than other times. Just remember this too shall pass. God does not give us stuff we cannot handle, I just wish He did not pile it on all at once. LOL Please feel better.

2008-11-24 10:59:15 -0600 Report

Thanks so much for your eagerness to offer your help. I really appreciate that, and will try to act on some of what I can. Luv:->)