Diabetes, Health and the Male Ego!

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The "Male Ego" is great, as long as it is kept in check!

The GPS has tamed, but not eliminated the infamous line associated with asking for directions to a destination,"I know where I'm going!"

Trying to get a male to the doctor for a health check up is much more of an issue unless he has initiated the thought in his own mind.
Women will never know what's best for a man (in a man's mind) so whenever a female companion is concerned about her mate's health, she has to use a little "Male Mind Ego Trickery" to breach that "Wall of Security" that protects a male!

As men, we are "Always" in control of things, look at the world and it's issues, it may seem like it is in a state of chaos, but if you ask a male, he will respond with something like this,"It's not as bad as it seems, I have this under control!"
With that being said about men and the world, what do you think about our lives and our health?

Women, if you notice something, or if you think that your man has health issues that need to be addressed, SPEAK UP!

Take control of his health, make an appointment for him with his doctor, take him by the hand and take him there, sit there with him so that you "HEAR" exactly what the doctor says to him word for word!

Don't bug him about taking his medication, treat him like a child and give it to him, watch him take it, it's a blow to his "ego" but he will also know that you care about him.
Make the meals that "YOU" know that he is supposed to eat, not what he wants, but rather what he needs.

So do what needs to be done, dismantle that ego of his and be prepared for a lifetime of hugs, love and happiness!

Together, without the ego!


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flipmom 2012-08-30 19:29:50 -0500 Report

well said, I usually get him in charge of protein and I do the healthy fixings .. It works!! (what is it about men and meat and grill? I guess those stroke their ego like a boss! LOL!!