Spelling Diabetes – Slam Poetry!

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Just wanted to share. ;-)


Don’t leave the house unprepared!
Don’t go anywhere without glucose!
Don’t forget to refill your prescriptions!
Don’t forget ANYTHING!
Did you know my grandmother died from that?
I is for IMPOSSIBLE to be perfect!
I is for Isn’t it painful to give yourself shots every day?
I is for Isn’t it okay as long as…you know…you just …take care of it?
I is for Isn’t it obvious that this disease is never easy?
A is for Are you sure you’re supposed to be eating that?
Are you going to lose your legs?
Aren’t you tired of having diabetes?
Are you really going to stick that syringe in your arm?
Asked the flight attendant on the plan to Utah for a can of orange juice as I stepped onto the plane with a low blood sugar.
B is for Better Not Forget To Take Your Shot!
Better Not Eat Those Carbs!
Better not forget that you have diabetes and you don’t get any days off.
B is for Better Not Underestimate what I can still do even though I have diabetes!
E is for EVERYTHING impacts my disease.
Everything matters.
Everything counts.
Everything is another variable I need to remember, account for, and adjust my life for.
T is for TIMING.
T is for TESTING.
T is for TAKING at least 6 shots a day for the rest of my life.
T is for Totally Painful.
Terrifying at times.
Teasing in high school.
E is for EVERYBODY makes mistakes.
Everybody has highs and lows.
Everybody gets burnt out.
Everybody is tired of having diabetes.
Everybody wishes they’d find a cure.
And the S in the end diabetes?
The S is for SO WHAT?
So what?
I have this disease.
Yeah, I have diabetes.
So what?
I’m going to take my insulin.
I’m going to check my blood sugar and count my carbs.
I’m going to live my life with diabetes.
So what?
I’m going to live my life with diabetes and it’s NEVER going to stop me.


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