Are We Being Selfish: I Know I Am

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Sometimes I wake up only thinking of myself and my problems; when I wait all day to open dbconnect, it is often too late. So, I try to do it in the morning. Not always easy though. Anyway I do feel I have a lot of self pity and doubt. I do envy others' for their good health, their material items, there special talents and gifts. I wish I could have what so many have and I don't, but that is wrong because I should not be selfish, I should be grateful for what I do have, instead of the devil of envy. I should be grateful for my wonderful husband, daughter, even my step-daughter who has moved a way several years ago but I love and miss dearly, and my small but immediate family.
I want to be grateful for all that and more, but once again wake up feeling depressed and selfish. How about you; do you find this a problem, and if so how do you change it or deal with it. Signed Selfish Lilmarm52

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sexyswamprat 2008-11-24 12:06:39 -0600 Report

With everything that is wrong with my health I do often feel alot of self pity. And sometimes wish I could give my health issues to others. Like my sisters. Isn't that awful. Thats is only when I'm feeling the lowest of the low. But I realize that no one in my family ever wanted these things to happen to me so I shouldn't wish them on then. My mom always tells me "god brought you to this, god will bring you through it". I so want to believe that. I am greatful to have what I have and trying to love life as much as I did before the health problems. Everyone on here is so loved and such beautiful people. DOn't anyone forget it. We are all very lucky to have one another.

Love and hugs,

vgarrison 2008-11-24 13:06:44 -0600 Report

yes!!!! I have said it before and I'll say it again…diabeticconnect has helped save my sanity and my life. There is so much information out there, but you could spend days or weeks trying to find it all…at least on here it's all in one place…I strongly believe in learning from someone that has been there, if they can make the "mistake" or the "answer", then learn from them.


fun2u2007 2008-11-24 11:52:06 -0600 Report

I have spent most of my life thinking more of others than myself and taking care of others above my needs. Unlike you, I don't have a husband, children or a pet, so I have the luxury of being selfish and thinking of my self, and I find that a necessity at this point in my life. I was up to 285 pounds back in March when I was diagnosed and am down to 228, I exercise and eat right to keep my bg in control. For the first time in my life, even though I have diabetes, I feel healthy and in control. Oddly enough, finding out I have diabetes probably added many years to my life, so I am thankful for the time to be selfish. Lisa

vgarrison 2008-11-24 11:57:11 -0600 Report

I am the same way…I've always been last on my list of priorities…and now I have to put myself first…it's hard to get used to. If I don't take care of myself though, I won't be around to take care of everyone else…I have to keep that in mind…it helps, but it's still hard.


caspersmama 2008-11-24 11:41:36 -0600 Report

I think this disease causes you to be selfish. We have to think about ourselves all the time. When to test, when to take meds, what to eat. It is a very selfish disease. But I do sometimes wish I could do more and get out more but I do what I can. I have a great family, a home I love, a puppy I enjoy. My hubby and daughter are my inspiration to get up in the mornings. So I choose to concentrate on what I do have instead of what I do not. And cope that way. But being diabetic makes you think more about yourself than we used too before we were diagnosed.